Seven pips Nine at the post

2013-06-17_0018It was a close week in the ratings race, with Seven and Nine both tied on 29.9 as they went into battle on Saturday night.

But Seven edged over the line in network shares and total people. The House Rules reveal episode was its best performer all week on 1.38m viewers. The show is already casting for an apparent second season.

Nine, however, still won demos and the primary channel.¬†The Voice¬†was the week’s top show with 1.68m viewers.

TEN network landed in front of the ABC for the second week in a row (but not in primary channels).

Seven: 30.2
Nine: 29.6
TEN: 17.5
ABC: 16.9
SBS: 5.8

Primary channels:
Nine: 22.3
Seven: 22.2
ABC1: 12.6
TEN: 12.0
SBS ONE: 4.9

7TWO: 4.3
GO!: 4.3
7mate: 3.7
GEM: 3.0
ABC: 2.6
ONE: 2.5
ABC News 24: 0.9
ABC3: 0.8
SBS 2: 0.7
NITV: 0.1

Nine won the demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Seven won Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Nine took Monday and Thursday. ABC bettered TEN on Monday and Saturday.

Nine was victorious in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Seven ticked over its regular wins in Adelaide and Perth.


  1. @Maxxdude Just try to watch ad free HR once.

    In my opinion, you get a chance in House Rules to discover real people without getting mind polluted through an advertising bomb in each scene. I felt a bit on an promotional trip amongst others who just wanted to relax through an entertaining show, but there was always something coming up and shouting, ‘It’s all about business here!’ and scratching 20 different brands into my retina per minute. In addition, The Block is more an MTV show like Date my mom (exaggerated characters, forced stories) for me. I was quite shocked when I saw TB on nine. It is quite a relief that there is an appreciating audience which likes House Rules, a natural reality TV without ad grenades. So that viewers who don’t love elaborated ad schemes amongst scenes can enjoy the contestants’ jouneys.

  2. Carringbush

    Yes, must admit that I was a HR knocker. Only thought the House Reveals would rate but the good figures seem to have settled. Well done Ch7.

  3. love the pic, that face carly made is priceless. there has been a lot of promotion for sean & amy’s emotional house reveal tonight, 7 not bending over on Voice finale night, the figures it pulls will be interesting.

    if ten’s primary channel woes weren’t enough it seems their digital channels consistently put them an extra 2% behind. they should really consider dumping ONE and take a completely different approach.

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