Sneak Peek: Kitchen Cabinet

Annabel Crabb’s first guest on her third season of Kitchen Cabinet is Malcolm Turnbull.

When she meets him on his property for lunch he suggests they catch a few yabbies from his dam (as you do).

Watch for the cheeky political references as they catch a few tasty crustaceans…

Kitchen Cabinet premieres 8pm Tuesday July 2 on ABC1.


  1. @ muscledude_oz

    That appointment would be so unfair, why should Mr Turnbull have access to faster broadband speeds in ‘Turkmenistan’ than he and Mr Abbott and co. think the majority of Australians do not deserve, but I suppose it would be hard to find a posting that doesn’t have better than the 1/4 to 1/2 speed, of the vintage copper cable network that already plays havoc on Telstra’s ADSL now .

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