SoHo remembers James Gandolfini

2013-06-21_1230As a tribute to James Gandolfini, this weekend Foxtel’s SoHo channel will present 10 celebrated episodes of The Sopranos .

SoHo’s countdown of 10 of the best episodes of The Sopranos, as chosen by TIME magazine, will air from 1pm EST on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday’s episode line up –
Where’s Johnny (Season Five – Episode 5003)
Funhouse (Season Two – Episode 2013)
Long Term Parking (Season Five – Episode 5012)
Whoever Did This (Season Four – Episode 4009)
Join the Club (Season Six – Episode 6002)

Sunday’s episode line-up –
Employee of the Month (Season Three – Episode 3004)
Whitecaps (Season Four – Episode 4013)
The Sopranos Pilot (Season One – Episode 1001)
Pine Barrens (Season Three – Episode 3011)
College (Season One – Episode 1005)

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