Stephen Conroy quits as Communications Minister

2013-06-26_2105Senator Stephen Conroy has quit as Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy following the vote for Kevin Rudd as leader of the Labor Party.

Conroy became Communications Minister in 2007 after having been Shadow Minister for Communications and Information Technology since 2004.

Amongst his major policies were a series of media reform bills, many of which were challenged by industry, a revamped anti-siphoning list, two major media inquiries and the establishment of the NBN.

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  1. Armchair Analyst

    If australians want more australian content and if the networks are willing to fund it then lets have something unique not a revamp of what has already been done. Lets try a sci fi show of somekind. Just look at Dr Who. I know its important to have australian stories but i belive it would be better if it was in a different way. Now that would be great. So here is a challenge for all the tv show creators create something unique which still tells an australian story.

  2. I eagerly await the whingers comments after they get what the have wished for, when media deregulation favours are requested and returned by a very appreciative recipient of their uncontrolled bias, especially when we are forced back to dealing with Telstra and their quarter speed broadband offerings at a price that few in regional areas will be able to afford.

    For example with the half speed downgraded NBN about to be inflicted on us all, I ask just how do they intend to protect all these curbside fibreoptic/copper network Node Boxes from being crunched by vehicles, or are they going to have signs on them, directing runaway vehicles to the nearest telegraph/light poles that they wipe out on a regular basis?

  3. Conroy completely bungled the licence fee haggle with the FTAs. Even the FTAs were surprised they did not have to commit to increased local drama, kids and docs. Hopefully they will re-vist this lost opportunity. Peter Costello is on the Nine board for one reason only – to reduce Australian content requirements.

  4. Yay!

    No if only the independents will grow some balls and allow an election, so the people can decide their PM for a change. And we can avoid this dreadful never ending election campaign.

  5. jezza the first original one

    Stephen Conroy, utterley useless and ineffective in his ministerial role….

    @eastwest101……spot on

    Q. Does anyone else think that the character Mr.G from Summer Heights High has a similar personality to Kevin Rudd?

  6. Am I the only one who thought that ACMA and Conroy were a perfect match?

    Don’t want to send this political but I’m really coming to the opinion that it should be a pre-requisite that to stand for federal parliament you must be born in this country.

  7. Hopefully Peter Garrett will now quit politics and return to take Midnight Oil back to the studio and on the road. Stephen Conroy has anyone got anything positive about this bumbling, blustering politician.

    Sky news coverage outstanding Richo’s “discussions” with Paul “I the most opinionated man in Aust” Murray were priceless.

  8. Forrest Trump

    Sorry David,…… I am a bit like Kevin, …. I am rusty and moreover new at this business. …….. I am a virgin blogger. I am only a ham.

  9. Forrest Trump

    Oh Just great, now we have series 11 of :
    The Biggest Ruddster, ……………

    Come on Down if you can pick the Dudd in The Ruddster you can have a pick of being Leader of the Labor Party for 2014. Just let us win the election first and we can dump the Ruddster in the big tank of cold water filled with sharpened knives – and presto you can be the next Labor Prime Minister.. But you must first Pick The Dudd in Ruddster. ……… Well are you feeling lucky punk, … have a pick.!!!

  10. Great news! Here’s an idea, a communications minister that has a clue about technology. Not a clown that says “I’m a techie I own an iphone and an ipad.”

  11. Seven’s handling of tonight has been terrible.
    First dumping the coverage for Home and Away, then cutting off Julia’s concession speech for House Rules,

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