The Daily Edition spinning before it even gets started

2013-06-06_1210Seven has announced Kris Smith will join Sally Obermeder as a co-host on new afternoon show, The Daily Edition.

Tom Williams and Monique Wright have also joined the news and entertainment format, being produced by Sarah Stinson.

But the spin from the show is already unstoppable.

According to the press release, “Kris is one of Australian’s best known faces.”This follows a claim that Sally Obermeder “is one of Australia’s most loved television presenters.” This week Smith did not rate a mention in more than 1000 celebrities ranked by the Encore Score, which is a pretty poor showing for one of the country’s best known faces….

Obermeder came in at #519. Danni Minogue, Smith’s former partner, came in at #148.

The Press Release also touts that the show will  “take a leadership position in providing live content to an audience waiting to be entertained.”

If this is indicative of the kind of News we’ll be getting then count me out…


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