Under the Dome lifts TEN but Seven wins Tuesday

Ratings: Curiosity draws viewers into US drama for TEN but House Rules tops the night, and Celebrity Apprentice ends without a bang.

2013-06-26_1026TEN’s marketing campaign for Under the Dome pulled a good audience for the network with 1.18m viewers checking out the premiere episode last night.

The sci-fi was #1 in its timeslot in key demos and is still trending on Twitter.

But the night belonged to Seven with House Rules again the top show of the night.

Seven Network share was 33.9% then Nine 26.2%, TEN 20.1%, ABC 15.0% and SBS 4.8%.

House Rules was 1.48m for Seven then Seven News (1.41m), the penultimate week of Packed to the Rafters (1.18m), Today Tonight (1.17m), Home and Away (1.08m), Border Security International (629,000), Highway Patrol (461,000) and Travel Unravelled (256,000).

Nine News was 1.3m for Nine then The Block (1.19m), A Current Affair (1.14m), Big Bang (832,000 / 324,000), Hot Seat (800,000), but Celebrity Apprentice didn’t see any kind of finale numbers at 653,000 / 573,000.

After Under The Dome (1.18m) TEN scores were TEN News (765,000), Killing bin Laden (656,000), MasterChef (654,000), The Project (551,000). The Simpsons was 424,000.

ABC News (907,000) led ABC1 then 7:30 (745,000), New Tricks (710,000), Croc College (444,000), At the Movies (356,000) and Time Team (327,000).

On SBS ONE it was Who Do You Think You Are? (322,000), Insight (228,000), World News Australia (181,000).

New contender Fireman Sam (307,000) topped multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 25 June 2013

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  1. I think Under the Dome may appeal more to the younger generation. Personally i can’t see it going for season after season. May watch just for awhile to see if something out of the box does happen.

  2. I thought Under the Dome was okay, at least it offers the viewer something different and it’s nice to have an ongoing story too, which is what I want from a drama show.

    I gave up on the Celebrity Apprentice a few episodes ago, I just couldn’t stand all the bitching etc. I know that is the staple of many reality shows, but it’s just a turn off for me. I also would prefer fresh faces rather than celebrities. One or two episodes a week suits me better than the stripped method as you generally get more of the action and less of the contestants sitting around talking about crap and doing silly challenges, like you see on the Block. As such i’ve dropped the weekly show and now only watch the room reveal.

  3. Really liked Under the Dome so will stick with it – just hope Ch10 doesn’t mess around with the timeslot. Must be slow but i still can’t figure out why the plane crashed inside the dome nearly hitting the stranger. Wasn’t it coming from outside?

  4. I wish Nine would bring back The Apprentice as opposed to Celebrity Apprentice. I watched The Apprentice in it’s first series but have never watched the ‘celebrities’. I just feel that ‘ordinary people’ have higher stakes to play for.

  5. I am not a viewer of The Block but flicked over to see Scott Cam begging with a male contestant to squeeze his chest. What the…??? Definitely jumped the shark and the ratings indicate this.

    Celebrity Apprentice was a failure and will only work if stripped at 7pm over three weeks like it was last year.

    Good on Ten, Under the Dome a big hit but the surprise for me was the big numbers for the Bin Laden special – I thought this was old news and not worthy of a prime time slot but I was wrong.

  6. Overnight figures from the US saw excellent numbers for Under the Dome on CBS as well. 3.3 rating in the key 18-49 demo and 13 mil in total viewers. Huge for their non ratings period, and bigger than a lot of series premieres during the ratings months. Of course will taper off and possibly even bomb out but still impressive debut numbers.

  7. Yes I love The Block but the challenges really need to be shorter &sharper rather than take over an entire episode. We all love TB for it’s renovation & that is what we want to see.

  8. @ tricks…you got that right…the Scottie Cam,George,tomato segment was as bizarre and befuddling a tv segment as you’re likely to see all year.It was so awful I might have another look on their catch up site just to make sure I saw what I think I saw…lol

  9. In terms of renovation quality I prefer The Block over House Rules, but last night it really jumped the shark with the go karts and George VS tomato therapy segment.

    I switched over to Masterchef and really enjoyed it.

    Stayed on TEN for Under The Dome and found myself getting sucked in.. The acting was pretty bad, but I still wanted to see where the story line went.. it felt like it had good pace, before I knew it, It was over.. and surprisingly I wanted more.

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