Winter launch for TEN

TEN will be hosting a Winter media launch next month to celebrate "new programs, our new audience and the new energy."

2013-06-19_0133TEN will be hosting a Winter media launch next month to celebrate “new programs, our new audience and the new energy” at the network.

Since taking charge of the network in March, CEO Hamish McLennan has overseen a number of positive steps including aggressive sports bidding for the Winter Olympics and Big Bash, appointing a new chief brand officer, new research strategist, hiring Ita Buttrose, a splashy MasterChef launch, announcing The Bachelor and Wanted and giving a number of press interviews signalling the return of event television. Adam Boland is also developing two programmes.

Not everything has fired, with Reef Doctors effectively abandoned after one episode, and disappointing numbers for Can of Worms, The Truth Is and The Americans.

A recent TV Tonight reader poll indicated generally positive support for the new direction by TEN management, but with a lot of ground still to make up.

TEN is tipped to announce a revival for So You Think You Can Dance and TV Tonight hears whispers of a potential new drama from John Edwards.

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  1. I agree, channel 10 need to put in a family game show around the 6.30pm to 7pm time slot. I wouldn’t mind seeing Wheel of Fortune or Family Feud back on 10’s screens. As far at the logo change, good on 10 for giving us something new. Channel 7s logo is in need of change, its been like that since 1999.

  2. Have to give them 10 for trying. The Truth Is? was a very well produced show but the time slot they chose was baffling. And why only 3 episodes? Hamish MacDonald was given a lot of freedom and an awful lot of time to produce this offering but only came up with 3 eps which didn’t hit the mark with viewers.

    Really looking forward to Wanted and seeing Sandra Sully used in a national capacity.

  3. Everything looks great…except for that dreadful 6pm timeslot!

    Something new must go into that timeslot.
    I’m a huge fan of The Chasers so I would love to see them in their own show on this timeslot.
    Or even a daily show similar to Jon Stewart.

    Also, a Late Night Talk Show must be done!

  4. @francismckonkey

    There already is a different variation of the current logo on-air at present. It was rolled out last night.

    Is this the ‘freshen up’ logo, or is there more to come?

  5. I was afraid that putting the advertising guys in charge of a TV station would be like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank, but they seem to have made a good start. Onward and upward. (With no help from the Bolt show, but I guess there’s not much they can do about that.)

  6. Don’t see that TEN’s afternoon schedule is that bad. “oldies are always home so won’t mind” (moving B&TB). This is assuming that only “oldies” watch it. Way wrong. News at Five is often TEN’s top-rating prog. Not broken so don’t fiddle with it. 6pm News? They tried that. A disaster. 3 news programs at 4:30, 3 game shows at 5:30. We know who’ll be #3.
    7’s red ribbon logo is from 1999, 9’s dots first seen in 1965. The variation to the present in 2009.
    “Invest in proven formulas that the other networks have grown tired of”. That ‘viewers’ have grown tired of?

  7. First of all in terms of a Logo change. Nine has not updated its logo for a while they have had the same one for over 50 years, they have just refreshed it with different colour schemes. When nine did change it by droping the balls/dots they lost big time, then they reverted back to it. So maybe a change of colour for the logo but it doesnt have to be completely new, I remember Video Hits (axed by lachlan) just updated its logos didnt necesarily always completely change them. Secondly TEN need to do the simple things correct.starting shows on time, and updating epgs. Also when covering sport cover it Live around the nation, if it will not rate on TEN in a particular state then show it Live on ONE.

  8. Which ever way Ten cuts it, the battle remains uphill. However, what I’ve heard out of McLennan so far is at least positive.

    And for all those advocating Bold & Beautiful remains in the line up because “oldies” will watch it, I have news for you. Soap ratings have been going downhill for years because us geriatrics have better things to do with our time. We’re out spending our kid’s inheritance.

  9. First priority: Fix up your appalling afternoon/early evening schedule. No need to offer an alternative to the other networks, just give them something familiar.

    4:00pm – Bold & the Beautiful (oldies are always home so won’t mind a slight move)
    4:30pm – National News (with Natasha Belling/Exelby)
    5:30pm – Game/Variety show (The Rich List/Temptation)
    6:00pm – Local News (direct competition with 7 & 9)
    6:30pm – The Project (maybe have more big name guests, and add some music performances)

    Second priority: Stop trying to come up with too many edgy new formats that probably won’t work. Invest in proven formulas that the other networks have grown tired of. For starters, definitely try to grab The Amazing Race and DWTS (you could bring across the judges, but have someone like Charlie & Carrie hosting it).

    Third priority: Rebrand all your onscreen graphics with a new logo, new colours and new slogan. Maybe use the number 10, rather than the word Ten.

    Fourth priority: Get your morning lineup introduced quick smart. To increase ratings have your presenters pop up on The Project, The Living Room, Ready Steady Cook, and during other events. I talked to heaps of people about Breakfast, and most people had never heard of it – let alone tried it.

    Fifth priority: Show every program on time. Tell your audience that you’re committed to starting your shows at 8:30pm, rather than 8:46pm. And stick to it!

    Good luck!

  10. I love TEN and will be interested to see what is revealed.
    @ Jayfunk – if they move The Project one more time they might as well just can it. It is an amazing show but has been shuffled around like a pack of cards. If anything they can launch your idea of a family game show at 6pm in place of The Simpsons which would likely also benefit TEN’s new strategy of increasing their target demo.
    @ Jason – I agree they have more pressing issues to spend money on then a new logo. However, a slogan isn’t as expensive and could be just as effective.

  11. Changing a logo costs millions. I don’t care what anyone’s logo looks like, it’s the program and the start time that interests me.
    Problem with Can of Worms, The Truth Is and The Americans is the opposition at that time.

  12. TEN have a bit to worry about here. Firstly, re-branding the logo and themselves should be priority, it will encourage people to switch over and pay more attention in the first place, placing less stress on some advertising. SYTYCD- big mistake, its numbers were droppping in the previous seasons and Everybody Dance Now was by far a huge flop (and it had Kelly Rowland and Jason DeRulo, big names that were sure to get people watching), so if SYTYCD is seriously being considered, ouch!! TEN need a staple show to stick with throughout the year for their 7pm timeslot. A family game show may work here, (Ed Philips/ Temptation or Battle of the Sexes) was great back in the day and we could use more light hearted fun at this time. Put The Project back to 6pm for an hour. The Americans is failing because it has been promoted as this ‘Keri Russell-action-chick-with-sex-not-as-you remember-her crap. It should have promoted this simliar to a movie trailer, as it has the feel about it and would gain people interests more so. Its a brillliant production and is failing through their own efforts. Stop endless Modern Family repeats, its the only thing thats getting you some viewers at the moment but theyre killing all hope of the same numbers premiere eps of TBBT gets.. Just opinions, i dunno. Wanted should be good, if done the right way and doesnt become a social media slag fest with tweets popping throughout…

  13. The best news for Ten is that with Winter, some stronger episodes and a bit of help from Masterchef, NCIS and Elementary have gained 200k viewers.

    Viewers starting to watch Ten again, even when there is popular stuff on their competitors.

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