1.33m farewell Packed to the Rafters

Ratings: Rafters goes out in style but not with bumper figures. Meanwhile attention turns to numbers for The Mole.

2013-07-03_1000Seven chose the right time to end Packed to the Rafters judging by ratings for the two hour finale.

Coded into two episodes the show had 1.33m for its first hour and and 1.32m for the last ever episode.

With Timeshifting numbers it’s likely to climb above the 1.5m figure later.

It’s nowhere near as big as the 2 million it attracted in earlier seasons -but the TV landscape was vastly different 6 years ago. However nor is it as big as current Reality TV finales nor the kind of numbers Howzat pulled only last year.

To be fair, it’s still streets ahead of newer local dramas on TEN and ABC, but it nevertheless suggests the network correctly picked the mood of its audience that it was time to take its leave.

Seven network won the night with a share of 32.2% then Nine 26.9%, TEN 17.9%, ABC 16.9% and SBS 6.1%.

Seven’s other titles were Seven News (1.32m), Today Tonight (1.09m), Home and Away (966,000), and The Mole (864,000) -those kind of numbers suggest it may not warrant three episodes every week. Deal or No Deal was 576,000.

Nine News topped the night with 1.33m for Nine then The Block (1.29m), A Current Affair (1.29m), Agnetha: ABBA and After (962,000), Hot Seat (783,000) and Movie: Muriel’s Wedding (389,000).

Under The Dome did good business for TEN at 998,000 then MasterChef Australia (798,000), TEN News (756,000), The Project (582,000), NCIS: LA (474,000) and The Simpsons (361,000).

ABC News (925,000) led ABC1 then 7:30 (797,000), Kitchen Cabinet (779,000), New Tricks (773,000), At the Movies (421,000) and Time Team (392,000).

On SBS ONE it was Who Do You Think You Are? (276,000), Tour de France (229,000 pre-race / 175,000 race), World News Australia (170,000) and Insight (112,000).

ABC2’s Bananas in Pyjamas topped multichannels with 292,000. Shitsville Express was 129,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 2 July 2013

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  1. David Knox, I always read your opinion, I may or may not watch a show based on it but I generally form my own opinions, as I am sure most people who read yours do. Keep up the good work !!

  2. The Rafters final fitted the show perfectly for someone like Julie leaving that house was hard enough…..One thing though it really did remind me of the All Saints final

  3. @jesicka309 – oxygen will come from the same source as it does for you – plant life, in addition to whatever passes thru the semi-permeable membrane forming the dome (like the water). Underground rail stations usually have mobile phone repeaters.

    A Faraday (wire mesh) cage of the right mesh size will let air, water, and small animals thru whilst blocking radio waves of matching wavelength. This is why some skyscrapers have terrible mobile reception inside (because of the rebar in the concrete floors and/or walls).

    Given that the dome zaps people the first time that they touch it and explodes pacemakers, I accept it might feature advanced tech that could block radio and even sound whilst allowing liquids and gases thru.

    It’s still a stupid show tho’.

  4. @Nate
    Recap and teasers are a good thing if made properly and well placed as they lure and inform just arrived audience which missed the beginning. The viewers who just want to watch a bit of another show during ads could stick to it instead of switching back to their favourite program. This can increase numbers a lot if the competitive program is weaker!

    Bottom line/reminder: It is never just about entertainment!

  5. As a huge Mole fan, I’ll continue to watch but I was seriously underwhelmed by last night’s premiere.

    Not sure what the production team were thinking last night as they succeeded in making a typically fast-paced show, slow and ponderous. In the initial seasons they managed to show 3 challenges and an elimination in 40 mins, here they barely managed to get through one challenge in 45 mins – if it was an interesting challenge, I might’ve understood the reasoning but a walking challenge?

    They’ve also taken to the annoying American habit of recapping what happened before the break, as if the audience suffers from short-term memory loss.

    On another note, I was surprised at how poor the map graphics were, they looked like something out of an 80s Nintendo golf game, which would’ve looked bad on the first season, let alone one 13 years on.

  6. Haven’t watched UTD yet cause I rec it but don’t expect anything interesting in ep 2 of the show, I would expect to see more on the actual characters so we can get to know them but I guess I will see if they did that:)

  7. @ghghgh20 I assume everyone posting here is an adult and can make up their own mind about a show..


    If you’re worried about the comments here affecting ratings, I’d suggest you look into the comments that were posted here about MKR a few months ago.
    Loads of angry and annoyed comments in regards to the portrayal of people and the constant bitching and fighting in the show… not to mention the late start times and overruns.

    … and look at how well that continued to rate.

  8. Personally I felt the finale was perfect. It wrapped up the story well and you can’t expect anymore than a happy ending for a show that really deserves one.

    What more do you want? Somebody to die and have the final goodbye to an iconic Aussie show to be depressing?

    It ended things just fine and honestly, I think it’ll be remembered as the perfect series finale.

  9. If those ratings figures for The Mole continue – and based on the standard second-episode drop, the quality of the first episode, and the timeslot change, I suspect it’ll go down to about 650k tonight – it’ll be getting the I Will Survive treatment within a fortnight.

  10. Good to see UTD do so good on a tough night, but I agree the writing isn’t that good and blind freddy can see the plot points coming a mile away.

    The rafters should not have been a double, I’m betting it would have done much better at just one hour with the final next week!

  11. The ending to Packed to the Rafters was pleasant,but unremarkable.If you want to see the best way to end a series,have a look at the final episode of Six feet under.Oh my God,that episode was amazing!

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