1.57m as Hamish & Andy soar

Ratings: Gap Year Asia looks set to be an instant hit for Nine, and ABC's Monday line-up remains strong.

2013-07-09_1015Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year Asia was a winner with viewers last night topping the night with 1.57m viewers, higher than their Euro Gap Year debut (1.41m) and their original US series (1.45m) on a Thursday night.

There were some sizeable audiences last night, especially for Nine and ABC. TEN also lifted its share on last Monday.

Nine network share was 32.8% then Seven 25.2%, ABC 20.7%, TEN 17.0% and SBS 4.2%.

Behind Gap Year for Nine were The Block (1.49m), Nine News (1.4m), A Current Affair (1.23m), Big Bang (931,000 / 841,000), Hot Seat (808,000), 2 Broke Girls (516,000). Footy Classified was 237,000 in 3 cities.

Seven News (1.3m) was best for Seven then Today Tonight (1.16m), Highway Patrol (951,000), Home and Away (945,000), Border Security: International (839,000), Criminal Minds (673,000), Deal or No Deal (556,000) and Red Widow (428,000). Travel Unravelled was 220,000.

ABC News (992,000) led ABC1 then 7:30 (870,000), Four Corners (863,000), Paul Barry’s new Media Watch (841,000), Australian Story (819,000), Q & A (768,000), Lateline (386,000) and Seasons (378,000).

TEN just scraped into the top 20 for the night with MasterChef (737,000) and TEN News (709,000). Wanted (649,000) improved on a timeslot that has been tricky, with a pretty good first effort. The Project also cracked the 600,000 barrier at 605,000. The Simpsons was 423,000, The Americans was 252,000 and TEN Late News was 133,000.

On SBS ONE it was World News Australia (179,000), Mythbusters (162,000), Make Me… (128,000). Tour de France had a rest day but highlights were 123,000.

Peter Rabbit shot to 415,000 on ABC2 -give this bunny his own series. Oh wait…
Dance Academy was 108,000 on ABC3.

Sunrise: 330,000
Today: 322,000
ABC News Breakfast: 60,000 / 43,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday July 8 2013

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  1. Hamish & Andy appeal to everyday Australian’s and particularly to the younger audiences with their down to earth, relatable kind of humour or antics, if you rather.

    And I hope those numbers for Wanted rise week-to-week; it’s a bold move from Ten and it deserves stable, good ratings. Bring back Ten, I say!

  2. I used to like Hamish on Spicks and Specks but this show is a bit too stupid for me. Had family visiting the last few days and they wanted to watch the Hamish and Andy show last night. I taped Autralian Story, so did not mind that they wanted to watch this, as I prefer to watch my shows of interest at my own leisure. It was rather stupid and only watched one skit that was mildly amusing (if that’s what you call it)….I chose to play on my phone and keep myself occupied as it wasn’t my type of humour.

    7 is really struggling with their drama content at the moment. Now Revenge has finished and PTTR (which I did not watch) there is only W&L that could potential rate well in the 8.30 or should I say the 8.48 timeslot. APTCH only has 2 episodes to go…no sure what else is in the pipe line….channel 10 has more Aussie drama coming later this year with shows like Puberty Blues and 9 has a few things up their sleeve and I am looking forward to SBS mini series Betterman!

    Although I did not watch Wanted I wish 10 good luck with their new endeavours.

  3. To all those who have or have commented about the Series Record option, I am not lucky enough to have a recorder that is in mind sync with erratic network EPG’s and even erratic Network Promo’s, and ask if this is an automatic version of/or similar to the ‘G code numbers’ assigned to individual programmes?

    And could this option also be the reason for ACMA’s inaction/inability to enforce the networks to do the right thing for us, their long suffering viewers tying not to miss the beginning and/or ending of so many of our favourate programmes, simply because ACMA and these Networks all lasilly think everybody has the ‘ Series Record Option ‘ ?

  4. It was great to have Hamish and Andy back on the tele last night. I thought it was a great start to what will hopefully be another great series. The push in racing had me in fits. They do come up with the kookiest of competitions and i’m looking forward to see what they come up with next week.

  5. Still can’t believe people watch these 2 idiots. I thought Wanted would premiere higher than that but it takes time to build a show so TEN don’t pull the pin please. It was a great show and i look forward to it each week.

  6. Similar to others, I was surprised when my TiVo started recording at around 8.30 but glad it did. Will have to give Red Widow the flick now that it’s gone to 9.30 – that timeslot is chockers with Dexter & Breaking Bad.

  7. What a great life Hamish and Andy have, travelling around the world to do so some pretty silly things and getting paid for it.

    What a shame The Americans is rating low, I am enjoying it (other half enjoying see Kerri Russell on tv again) I hope Ten stay with it and not be tempted to move it around. With those numbers it might but hoping not.

  8. @Pertinax

    I don’t think Seven would be happy with Criminal Minds numbers on Wednesdays either. Last week it was 742,000 – not much of a difference to last night’s 673,000. It has been beaten Offspring and Arrow on several occasions. Seven just have nothing better on the shelf to replace it with – lots of 9.30 slots and Thursday nights after 8.30 are now filler material because they’ve burned through good programming with double episodes.

  9. Wow, what a great machine you have to tape shows by the show even if you haven’t set it. I’m always religiously checking my guide to make sure there are no surprise shows turning up I didn’t know about earlier. They tend to spring things on us with no notice these days. Without this site I would have missed so many shows. I think a lot of people either wouldn’t have realised Criminal Minds was on last night, or would have assumed it was a repeat.

    I love Hamish & Andy, I taped it as it was on at an awkward time, I was watching MasterChef, then switched to GEM for Major Crimes. I taped Wanted & The Americans & Criminal Minds.

    I can’t believe how low the ratings were for The Americans, that is a great show and is huge in the US, it’s been renewed for a second season.

  10. @ AllanPo and vitieddie
    I agree I don’t find them that funny on radio and the tv show was also unfunny.
    I do not know how they get viewers.

    As for Ch7 they can be unpredictable. Some shows always have a loyal time slot, Revenge, Lost Brothers and Sisters and most of Desperate Housewives. Whereas Criminal Minds, Greys Anatomy and a myriad of comedies and critically acclaimed US series often struggle to maintain a timeslot let a line an uninterrupted season.

    Last night I enjoyed catching shows on my PVR. Now Revenge has finished Monday nights have no appeal for me. I respect Q and A is popular but I prefer nature docos, which the ABC often supply and I watch in my own time.

  11. That was another surprise for me by 7 that Criminal Minds was on last night, I wondered why my PVR had started recording.

    The online guide I had looked at had Red Widow on from 8:30pm – 10:30pm, thank goodness my PVR has Series Record on it or I would have missed out (and it was a crucial episode leading up to Wednesday’s episode).

    Same thing happened with Once Upon A Time last week with 7 moving it to 6:30pm on Sunday’s on 7TWO, was surprised to find it on my PVR (I’d left it in the Series Record queue in case it returned after Wimbledon).

    How people without PVR’s keep up with what is on TV and when these days I have no idea, the TV Guides are usually out, even the ones in that days paper.

  12. Criminal Minds does very well on Wednesday nights as a crime procedural up against the ABC’s light entertainment and stuff like Offspring.
    Whenever Channel 7 have tried it to plug holes on other nights it that has failed. Last night its regular Wednesday night viewers were probably watching their regular Monday night shows on the ABC.

  13. Ten should be happy if Wanted can maintain those numbers. It’s been a tough slot for them all year. Criminal Minds is no longer the powerhouse it was and belongs at 9.30 or on a Thursday night.

  14. I can never understand the popularity of Hamish & Andy. To me, they are only mildly amusing on radio. I could never last more than 10 minutes of their TV shows.
    Ten was still unwanted last night.

  15. After watching Wanted last night, I now realize I should never leave home without my trusty iPad in my hands. Sadly, we all know that the common Twitter meltdown never translates to a ratings meltdown

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