1.84m watch House Rules winner announced

autv_houseSeven carefully coded its finale for House Rules into two parts last night with 1.84m viewers tuning in to see Carly Schulz and Leighton Brow announced as series champions.

The bulk of the show pulled an impressive 1.53m viewers, easily giving Seven the win for the night.

Seven network share was 33.3% then Nine 25.7%, ABC 19.8%, TEN 14.8% and SBS 6.4%.

Aside from the renovation finale Seven News was 1.32m then Today Tonight (1.12m), Red Widow (901,000), Home and Away (850,000 in 4 cities), Deal or No Deal (532,000) and Botched up Bodies (304,000).

Nine News (1.39m) led for Nine then The Block (1.23m), A Current Affair (1.15m), Hot Seat (817,000), Movie: Red Dog (637,000), The Big Bang Theory (338,000). Footy Classified was 198,000 in 3 cities.

ABC News (985,000) was best on ABC1 followed by Four Corners (846,000), Australian Story (824,000), Media Watch (796,000), Q & A (720,000), Time Team (385,000) and Lateline (267,000).

TEN had a tough night with TEN News (771,000), MasterChef Australia (646,000), The Project (574,000), The Simpsons (478,000). Part 2 of The Biggest Loser’s Biggest Ever Makeovers stalled at 395,000. The Americans was just 172,000 and TEN Late News 106,000.

Tour de France (271,000 / 189,000) lifted SBS ONE then Mythbusters (189,000), World News Australia (182,000) and Make Me… (155,000).

Shaun the Sheep was best on multichannels at 321,000.

Sunrise: 363,000
Today: 316,000
ABC News Breakfast: 55,000 / 41,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 1 July 2013


  1. hannigans_heroes

    Not that 478k is anything to be thrilled about… but… at least Ch10 can say that The Simpsons return wasn’t a completely horrible idea. Plus, The Project seems to be stabilising to decent numbers. It seems the case with Ten is they just don’t have enough ‘must see’ programming.

    The American’s isn’t “must see” programming in Australia. A Biggest Loser clip show certainly isn’t “must see” programming either.

    Masterchef is trying to be “must see” programming, but it’s showing it’s age and especially in comparison to 7 and 9’s bigger reality show giants, it’s getting trampled more than it should.

    Modern Family was repeated to hell, so it’s “must see” factor was diminished… Under the Dome was fresh, and clearly “must see”. Elementary has remained very stabled, and “must see”, somehow despite not being express from the us. And Offspring continues to be a big drawcard as well.

    All a network needs these days, as I continue to say, unfortunately, is a “must see” big bold shows, thanks to the crap that’s been churned out by the bigger reality shows and network hyperbole.

  2. Glad that House rules gained momentum as the time went by, and did not go on and on for weeks and weeks like the block with re-runs and re-runs and re-runs that channel 9 seem to be famous for and hope that next year it is an even bigger success. Thought that it did well for a first time programme, thank you channel 7 .

  3. Honestly, those numbers for HR aren’t that great, only 1.8m. Its ok, not great, I reckon The Block will smash that, I’m predicting 2.3m. And by the way I don’t watch neither shows.

  4. The Americans is a cable drama which i love but i knew Australians wouldn’t get it. Its disappointing but TEN should have put it straight on ONE. ONE could easily become a FX/Showcase type channel on FTA but TEN and their programmers have no idea really.

    House Rules was amazing last night and considering the show hit lows of 600k and everyone said it was dead i am glad it bounced back and last night Seven would be very very happy with the result. The show is miles ahead of The Block in terms of renovation and i am sure once Seven fix the kinks in the show for season 2 it can only get better. Red Widow did much better than i expected too. For a cancelled series Seven really know how to make them work.

  5. I am yet to watch HR but good luck to it with those figures. Why do people keep writing off
    The Block? I saw News Ltd had a list online of stars on the way up & stars on the way down. How could they include Scott Cam in that list of stars on the way down? The Block has already been renewed for a new season & is accepting new contestants. It is still doing decent numbers & the finale will be huge. It has been a true Aussie success story with versions across the world.
    Hous Rules isn’t original just newer & it only started to get bigger numbers when Seven started a home viewer competition to win $250.000.

  6. Secret Squirrel

    The Americans is alright and I’m enjoying it, but Monday night was already crowded and it’s prob a little dark for some people (the show, not the night).

    Dexter and Breaking Bad are on at the same time and prob appeal to a similar demo, altho’ they’re even darker in tone. BB is by far the best of the three, so that is what I watch live. I can then watch the other two later and without ads.

  7. Ouch! Those numbers for The Americans is dreadful. It makes Reef Doctor’s numbers look like a blockbuster. lol.

    Huge result for Seven’s House Rules. With those numbers, I hope they don’t change too much of the format for next year.

    Nine’s movie premiere of Red Dog did alright. Could have done a little better, but it was against the House Rules final.

  8. Q & A was awesome last night. Sophie Mirabella and Tanya ( The lady with the hard name to spell) were on fire. Most entertaining episode ever. I think it will be repeated somewhere so watch it if you missed it.

  9. It is absurd to think that House Rules is better than The Block because you see them renovating the house. They only show fragments of storylines here and there like a best of. It is a coincidence if you see one of the teams doing something. What about the handymen on site?? Did we see them doing the work, why were they there? Fact is, you won’t learn anything on renovating a house. So, was Tim Taylor’s show Home Improvement successful because he taught us how to be a handyman? I guess it was more about his character, a reflection of a typical man which brings us back to the cast. So, my impression of House Rules was, you got the chance of feeling a bit what reality tv could be like. Too bad, somebody has to be bold to show up with a real reality tv show.

  10. Well done to a great series! I enjoyed the focus on the Renovations!
    Thanks Ch 7 for not dragging it out too long! Please keep the format and length similar next year!

  11. I have not seen much of House Rules, but happened to see the finale. I noticed that there was no Home and Away in Adelaide last night, so they could have a truly live broadcast from 7pm thanks to having Adelaide contestants.

  12. The Pilot for The Americans was terrific but the weekly spy missions they often struggle to make believable and fit into the story.

    Still there are a lot worse shows on. It suffered from Ten’s poor Monday night and bad lead-ins.

  13. Unfortunately, The Americans was doomed from the start due to TEN’s poor decision to programme it on Mondays, where it has been getting thrashed for quite some time. Putting a lazy TBL clip show on before it last night and last week did it no favours whatsoever. A poor lead in of 395k viewers at 8:30pm is dreadful. If TEN is going to bump it, what are they going to replace it with? Yasmin’s Getting Married? Clearly TEN’s cupboard is bare if they are programming clip shows in primetime. Seriously.

  14. Surprised that Botched Up Bodies drew so many people. Couldn’t look at the tv screen most of the time I had it on, and had to end up changing the channel. Would rather watch Most Embarrassing Bodies any day.

  15. Wow, terrible figures for The Americans. I notice that TEN has halted promos for the show, clearly no faith in it now.
    MasterChef still struggling.
    Great numbers for Hot Seat!

  16. From where it started that is a great result for House Rules. Gonna be huge next year. I thought it was d.o.a. after the first episode but was glad to be wrong. I really enjoyed it and hopefully more people start to realise it is so much more better than The Block. It’s actually about renovating, you get to see it, and the people are actually nice.

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