Airdate: Anh Does Britain

Anh Do is back next week with more travel adventures, this time plunging himself into British culture for Channel Seven.

ANH DOES BRITAINAnh Do is back with more travel adventures for Seven, this time plunging himself into British culture in Anh Does Britain.

Do’s Vietnam specials last year were huge hits for Seven. In these two part specials produced and directed by Paul Melville, Do meets the world record holder for pulling an ugly face, parallel parking masters, trying Parkour, cheese rolling, bore surfing, toe wrestling and the world‟s hottest curry.

“Whenever I visit other cultures I love to ‘have a go’ myself, but Britain really tested my resolve,” said Do.

“There’s a sport called Stinging Nettle Eating. The Stinging Nettle is a nasty weed that does what its name promises and for some reason every year, a bunch of Brits congregate in a famous pub to eat dangerous amounts of this torturous weed. I met the current world champion and I asked him, ‘What’s the worst part?’ He said, ‘When it comes out the other end.’ He was right.”

“I think Brits with better weather would turn into Aussies. We’re very much alike. We both like to take the mickey out of ourselves and we both like to have a beer and a laugh. I found them to be much more optimistic than the ‘whinging Pom’ stereotype had led me to expect.”

Tuesday July 23 at 7.30pm on Seven.

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  1. As for the matter of amusing types making travel television:

    Michael Palin, Clive James, Billy Connolly, Stephen Fry, Griff Rhys Jones, Paul Merton, Joanna Lumley, Griff Rhys Jones and Dara O’Briain and Rory McGrath, – that’s without much thought at all.

  2. I lie Anh Do and enjoy his happy humour! Wasn’t Billy Connelly also a comedian doing travel. I agree David, it is in no way a H&A (Hamish and Andy) ripoff. Not a H&A Home and Away) rip off either!
    The two comedians are more silly than funny in my opinion!

    1. I think some context is needed for those suggesting it’s a H&A rip-off. Firstly, comedians doing travel shows go back far earlier than H&A. Anh Do’s story of “the happiest refugee” is well-known and his visit to Vietnam was an extension of our interest in this story, including the reaction on Pictures of You. His specials didn’t attempt to mimic any of the variety stuff that H&A did with an audience in US or Europe. If anything it was closer to an SBS travel special. albeit with broader appeal. The huge ratings it got showed everybody that viewers want more of Anh. I’m sure H&A would wish him well.

  3. Nine has Hamish & Andy so of course Seven has to get a copycat show Anh Do. Do Seven have any original ideas? I am sure if Nine had newreaders in bikinis Seven would have them nude…
    Programmers at Seven. Maybe you need to get some new ideas but from what I have seen Formal Wars is not it.

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