Airdate: First Footprints

7fifIf Australian history or archeology interests you then ABC1’s new series First Footprints will be of interest.

This four part series comes from the team behind the series Contact, the award-winning doco about the last first-contact in the Western Desert.

“Super Nomads: 50,000 To 30,000 Years Ago”
50,000 years in the making… First Footprints is the incredible story of how people arrived and thrived on our continent. With startling new archaeological discoveries and art sites never seen before on television, this ground-breaking series reveals how the first Australians adapted, migrated, fought, created and innovated in dramatically changing environments, including the last ice age.

Australia’s original pioneers laid some of the cornerstones of humanity: the first open ocean crossing, revolutionary technologies like the hafted stone axe and boomerang, the earliest depiction of the human face, the world’s first maps and the earliest narrative paintings. And all this in response to the formidable challenges of living in the world’s harshest habitable continent. Produced by the team behind award-winning film Contact, Contact Films.

In this opening episode on Super Nomads, we delve into discovery and dispersal 50,000-30,000 years ago. In the earliest long-distance migration of modern humans from Africa, the First Australians arrived here over 50,000 years ago. To get here they had to make the first open sea crossing in history. They found Greater Australia, with New Guinea joined to the mainland – a virgin continent full of weird and deadly mega fauna, deserts and glaciers. The near intact skeleton of Mungo Man from 42,000 years ago, the oldest homo sapien found outside of Africa, reveals tantalising details about early life and spiritual beliefs.

9:25pm Sunday, 14 July ABC1.

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