Airdate: Formal Wars

Formal Wars-27Seven has now scheduled its latest reality series Formal Wars hosted by Melanie Vallejo, which sees teenagers having their school formal organised by their parents.

There will be tears, tantrums and triumphs as a group of Aussie teens prepare for the biggest night of their lives – the high school formal. Each week, two high school students receive $2000 towards the cost of their school formal. However, accepting the money means the teens will hand over the party planning to their parents. Tonight, school friends Shanique and Montana struggle, and fail, to keep their cool as they see their formal dream vanish. 

It will premiere at 8:30pm Thursday July 25 on Seven.


  1. I really like this premise. It sounds sweet and could be very funny.

    I think it’s disappointing that people here are so quick to sh*tcan something they’ve never seen.

  2. My daughters are 15 and 17, the 17 has her formal this year. My wife and I have given her $500 to spend on her dress, shoes and makeup. The transport I have organised for her so she won’t need to worry about that, we have her given her freedom to what she wants to do in the sense of that the curfew is at 10:30pm as she won’t be going to any of the after parties. We told her that she can throw a party at the end of the year when she finishes year 12, so having said that I believe this show has flop all over it before it even starts. These types of reality shows shouldn’t be seen the light of day, they are just wrong – the promos look tacky too.

  3. Ignoring the fact that the “drama” is likely contrived, anyone who places that much importance on their school formal needs a hobby. This show is about as deep as a puddle.

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