Airdate: Princesses: Long Island

2013-07-15_1719Yet another softly-scripted dramality show is headed to Arena next month, this time following six (spoiled?) young women from Long Island looking for partners.

Princesses: Long Island came in for criticism after one of the six was slammed for disrespecting a statue dedicated in to the memory of a 9/11 firefighter.

Wouldn’t be a reality show without some sort of controversy…..

Foxtel’s Arena introduces you to the brand new breed of young women who are taking over Long Island, New York and their father’s bank accounts, on the new reality series, Princesses: Long Island, premiering Wednesday, August 7 at 9.30pm.

Meet members of the ‘boomerang generation’ – six young women from Long Island who have returned to their pampered lifestyles in the comfort of their parents’ estates, to be loved, adored and supported, emotionally and financially of course.

The series follows the women as they face pressure from their families and friends to find husbands and to settle down, but will they find their Prince Charming, or are they forever content with their co-dependent relationships with their parents?

Chanel Omari may be only 28, but she is looking to put a ring on it. The Great Neck, New York native is living in the shadow of her younger sister, who is already engaged to be married. Chanel feels like an old maid and that’s a harsh reality in the marriage-heavy world of Long Island. Luckily, Chanel keeps a sense of humour wherever she goes.

Casey Cohen is a nightlife professional who recently achieved her Masters’ Degree in art education at NYU. Casey splits her time between Long Island and Manhattan. Back in Long Island, she considers her mum her “rock,” and doesn’t know what she’d do without her.

Erica Gimbel, an Old Westbury native, was known as the hottest girl on Long Island back in high school. Now, she’s a PR and event planning professional with a penchant for partying and a long running feud with Casey Cohen.

Amanda Bertoncini is a 26-year-old budding business tycoon who has already landed her dream man. Her boyfriend Jeff is her ideal mate and (hopefully) future husband. However, Amanda’s mum Babs isn’t crazy about their relationship and certainly isn’t pressuring her to settle down like many other Long Island parents.

Joey Lauren is a 30-year-old hard-working career gal focused on becoming a business tycoon first, then, maybe a bride. Joey rolls a little bit differently than the rest of the ladies, but she’s perfectly alright with that.

Ashlee White is a petite power player. But what she lacks in height she makes up for in personality. Ashlee lives at home with her parents, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Unless she meets the man of her dreams, that is. Ashlee is banking on meeting a nice Jewish boy and being a stay at home mum.

Offering a glimpse into their unique family dynamics and personal lives filled with labels, luxury and love trials, this is a world that needs to be seen to be believed.

9:30pm Wednesday August 7 on Arena.

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