Big Brother resumes games night

Update: Big Brother is resuming its weekly games contest and reveals its twist.

2012-11-23_2220Big Brother is resuming the former Friday Night Live in a new guise, Saturday Showdown on Saturday nights.

As tipped by TV Tonight, the weekly games night will take place for the first four weeks of the season.

Shelley Craft will host with commentary from Mike Goldman and 2012 finalist Michael Beveridge.

“Results and rewards from the showdown will have something to do with making them feel there’s a bit of a hierarchy in the house,” Craft told the Sunday Telegraph.

Meanwhile this year’s twist is expected to be all about deprivation and reward, haves and have-nots. This kind of tactic was also a challenge in a previous season on TEN.


A statement has been released on the twist:

This is Big Brother.
My fellow Australians,
Big Brother is way too sensible to believe in superstition but I do like the number 13 and so, in honour of this number, I’ve decided to make 2013 LUCKY…for some.
Big Brother understands there has been much discussion around the ‘twist’ I have plotted for this year’s launch and, now I have my Housemates safely in lockdown, I have decided to break my silence.
On Monday 29th July 2013 at 7pm, Sonia will introduce you to twelve new Housemates.
On night one there will be division in the House as some will be IN and some will be half-way OUT. The house is modern and opulent but within the House lays the first twist.
Twelve seems a lonely number when you’re not united, so holy matrimony could be “just the trick”.
As my dear old mother used to say, “Do unto others”. I wonder if my Housemates will be nice to their other ‘halves’?
Human nature has always been Big Brother’s obsession, watching as these once-strangers learn to deal with the deprivation and reward of Big Brother’s House. What is it like to live on hand-outs from the wealthy? Big Brother has decided it is time to find out.
Listen carefully as Big Brother spells it out. This year Housemates will be in, out and shaken all about.
With 52 cameras you cannot be missed. There is no hiding from the Big Brother twist.
Until Monday the 29th . . . That is all.
Big Brother.

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  1. I do like Shelley Craft, but shes on the Block and AFHV we don’t need Nine to be oversatuated with one talent appearing everywhere.

    At least there is Mike Goldman, but I would of preferred Bree and Fitzy because them with Mike clicked and made Friday Night Live essential viewing because of:
    1. the antics of the housemates.
    2. The three working together to provide a sense of comedy to their analysis.
    3. It was light entertainment and the hosts knew it and it was never taken seriously.

    I won’t be judgemental over Michael. He might be a surprise package.

    And I did predict the twist was going to be a rehash of a previous twist that was on BB on Ten.

  2. I am so over Shelly Craft. She is great on Funniest Home Videos, but do we really have to see her pop up in a secondary role on every single Nine family reality franchise.

    I assume she is being used here to lead into Funniest Home Videos, which should hopefully start once this is finished!

  3. This is great news, finally something to watch on Saturday nights.
    The bad part is why Shelley Craft as host? It should be Mike Goldman and Layla, and definitely not Michael!
    This is not right for Shelley, I never watch anything she’s on, leave it to Mike Goldman, He knows what he’s doing.

  4. Twist could be good, but they have overhyped it like they did with the “secrets” concept last year. I like Shelley but think Mike Goldman should be host instead. Also agree that Michael the housemate is a bad move, would’ve preferred someone more likeable like Layla.

  5. Sounds interesting, but God, why do they have to bring Michael into it. He was ghastly. Reading the Tweets about the UK & US versions, they seem to be doing a have and have not too.

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