Curiosity Show to relive again on YouTube

2012-08-09_2234Classic clips from kids science show The Curiosity Show are set live again via YouTube, The Advertiser reports.

Former hosts Dr Rob Morrison and Dr Deane Hutton have acquired the full rights to the series’ 5000 segments for an undisclosed sum, following the Banksia Productions liquidation.

The Curiosity Show was broadcast on Nine from Adelaide from 1972 to 1990 and entertained a generation of kids.

“For a lot of material, especially making-and-doing segments, online delivery is better than television,” Dr Morrison said.

“Some people have pirated segments out of the show and put them up (online) and already one of those has had 45,000 views,” he said.

It will launch via on July 12, with Twitter and Facebook accounts.


  1. Secret Squirrel

    Good on them. YT will be the perfect delivery mechanism. There are already some Users/channels with lots of excellent How to make/do stuff clips or vids that present a puzzle or illusion and then show how it was done. Quirkology and Brasspup are two prolific ones that come to mind.

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