Doctor Who 50th Anniversary to air simultaneously around the globe

2013-07-28_0132The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary will air simultaneously around the globe to avoid online Spoilers.

The special extended episode, due to air on November 23 (UK), includes Matt Smith, David Tennant, Jenna Coleman, Billie Piper, John Hurt and Joanna Page.

The special was shot earlier this year at BBC Cymru Wales’ Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff and across South Wales. Filming also took place at the Tower of London as well as in Trafalgar Square for a huge stunt, which saw Matt Smith dangling from a TARDIS alongside Nelson’s Column.

The Daleks are the second monster to be announced for the 50th and will join the shape shifting Zygons, which have only appeared in the show once before in 1975.

However while media reports confirm a global simultaneous broadcast, it isn’t clear if that means a literal simultaneous broadcast, or same day broadcast. A primetime UK broadcast on November 23 would be around 6am AEDT Sunday November 24 in Australia (the final week of TV ratings). But there’s every possibility ABC could join a simultaneous broadcast with a primetime repeat, a strategy that has been working well for some international shows on Foxtel.

Source: Digital Spy



  1. @Stan, how is watching from the BBC’s own iPlayer website ripping off other people’s intellectual property? Same as clofts, I do not appreciate your implication!

  2. @Stan I was more wondering about it possibly being shown in 3D in the cinemas or any other legal options. I said nothing about any sort of intellectual theft and don’t appreciate the implication.

  3. @Stan What you’re proposing is a very weak band aid solution. If the BBC ever axe Doctor Who like they did the in Eighties the internet will explode and the BBC can’t afford anymore scandals.

  4. Why make exceptions for the Doctor Who audience when attitudes from the likes of Clofts & MHA are all too common? There’s always an excuse for these people to rip off other people’s intellectual property.

    The best thing BBC should do is axe Doctor Who & redeploy their limited resources into programming that most of the target audience won’t steal at the drop of the hat.

  5. MHA: “Well, if 6am, ABC1 can’t show it until after 10am as it would most likely be PG.”

    There’s something of an out in the ABC Code of Practice which can allow for showing PG programs in an otherwise G timeslot – “They are not hard and fast rules and there will be occasions on which programs or segments of programs appear in other time zones … if that is the time most suitable for the target audience.”

    But yeah, my bet would be iView…

  6. Well, if 6am, ABC1 can’t show it until after 10am as it would most likely be PG. Unless ABC shows an edited cutdown/censored version? Still, would rather watch in HD with 5.1 audio when available a few hours later from other means minus the on-screen marketing graffitti.

  7. I’d get up at 6am!

    I really hope this happens. Or ABC at least puts it on iView right after the UK broadcast, like they have done in the past, then show it later the same night.

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