Female cast added to INXS miniseries

Samantha Jade as Kylie MinogueSeven has announced some of the female cast members who will join Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS.

X Factor winner Samantha Jade will make her screen debut as Kylie Minogue. In the recent Paper Giants, the Minogue role was played by singer Lucy Holmes whose cabaret show 100% Kylie has been very popular. What’s most interesting is that both telemovies are directed by the same director, Daina Reid, but with different ‘Kylie’s.”

Also cast are Georgina Haig (Fringe, The Elephant Princess) as Paula Yates and Mallory Jansen (Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War) as Helena Christensen.

Previous cast members include Luke Arnold, Hugh Sheridan, Alex Williams, Ido Drent, Andy Ryan, Damon Herriman and Nicholas Masters.

The two-part drama is currently in production in Melbourne.


  1. I have nothing against Jade, she is talented.

    However, if they (the producers etc…) really wanted someone to play the role of Kylie, why not Lucy I say?

    Lucy has the look, the voice and can act!

  2. Have to totally agree with “HardcorePrawn”
    I still go back and watch that scene in Hustle with Kelly Adams being Kylie. She was just so good at it.
    Oh how I miss Hustle.

    But this movie should be very interesting to watch.

  3. to be pedantic, this isn’t samantha’s screen debut. i’ve seen her act in two films before (beneath the blue and american dreamz).

  4. No surprise that 7 choose to promote an X Factor contestant! Even more funny the judges accused her of not forming her own identity and copying Kylie!

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