Game not on Mole

autv_themoleIn a nutshell Nine will be happy with the Bakeoff, TEN is smiling with its Dome and Seven has big problems with its Mole.

That’s the way Tuesday shaped up for the commercial networks last night. Without Packed to the Rafters, Seven was more vulnerable to competition from its rivals and it didn’t help that viewers have been disappointed by The Mole. As it burrowed to fourth in its timeslot it impacted on the season launch of Winners and Losers.

Nine network share was 31.7% then Seven 24.3%, TEN 19,9%, ABC 17.0% and SBS 7.1%.

The Block (1.45m) topped the night for Nine then Nine News (1.36m), A Current Affair (1.18m), The Great Australian Bakeoff (1.12m), Hot Seat (753,000) and The Mentalist (421,000).

Seven News (1.36m) was best for Seven then Today Tonight (1.1m), Home and Away (923,000), Winners and Losers (798,000), Deal or No Deal (597,000), The Mole (555,000), How I Met Your Mother (523,000 / 420,000). Go On was just 177,000. Seven indicates a coding error in Brisbane saw Winners and Losers merged with a repeat and the number will be adjusted to 869,000.

Under The Dome improved without Packed to the Rafters, to lift to 1.02m for TEN. MasterChef was 773,000 then TEN News (693,000), The Project (618,000), NCIS: LA (499,000). The Simpsons was 388,000.

ABC News (912,000) led ABC1 followed by 7:30 (835,000), New Tricks (765,000), Kitchen Cabinet (741,000), At the Movies (409,000) and Seasons (328,000).

On SBS ONE it was Who Do You Think You Are? (255,000), Tour de France (248,000 pre-race / 204,000 race), Insight (235,000) and World News Australia (175,000).

ABC2’s Charlie and Lola was best on multichannels with 375,000. Shitsville Express was 113,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 9 July 2013


  1. I enjoyed Who Do You Think You Are? Plus Beauty and the Beast and had fun rewatching Person of Interest. Thank you. I also liked seeing the some of the ads. Saw the new Power Games one. Plus they advertised The Ashes for 7.30pm tonight. Also Arrow will return July 24. As well as many others. Has it been mentioned here that Simon Reeve has a 3 part documentary on Australia also starting July 24? I’ve been away.

    Lastly I also loved Four Corners last night. I thought it was excellent. I recently watched the 50th Anniversary DVDs of Four Corners. And Howard’s End was unintentionally prescient. It was about John Howard’s defeat. Plus I enjoyed rewatching the one about the Independents, with the same reporter as this week, called The Decision I believe. I also appreciated Media Watch as well. Including that there were no problems with it. Thank you to the ABC.

  2. Bakeoff was great. The “#GABO” hashtag is a little too Simpsons for me, but the show is engaging and there isn’t much to complain about.

    There isn’t really any need for Shane Jacobson, with Anna Gare doing a fine job on her own. Wouldn’t mind it being half an hour shorter though.

  3. Seems like The Mole was just about the only reality show not to use the “Game on, moll” as a byline in their promos. Maybe that’s where they went wrong. 😛

  4. @ Kevin I watch TV, that is all!
    I never assumed the comments were from many disgruntled TV employees, but ppl from a range of areas. Especially TV viewers who like to know what is going on.

  5. As a fan, I’m frustrated that The Mole isn’t firing on all cylinders. But the games are a bit too confusing (it took me a while to work out the point structure of the first challenge last night) and Shura’s wooden presentation is grating (stop trying so hard to be as aloof as Grant Bowler was!). But the core game is still a goodie. I just think better direction would’ve made this a deservedly bigger hit like The Amazing Race Australia.

  6. @Ryan, so you’ve managed to remove Celebrity Splash from your memory then?
    I’m sure slide show will soon give you another bomb to be proud of.

  7. David with respect, we all know that most of these posts are made by disgruntled tv employees. Drama certainly is kicking goals and Wentworth is very good but its funded up by the plethora of badly made programs … excess baggage, celebrity apprentice series 3, The Mole, AGT series 6, I Will survive… I could go on

    • Even I don’t know what the mix of public vs industry here is, but I am (proudly) comfortable there is both. Either way it gets back to the Comment itself. Sure they have had misses, they all have. AGT faltered due to The Voice competition not production. This year Freo has picked up its game.

  8. @ryan – Let’s all hope for TV shows that bomb???
    Guess someone at 7 didn’t tell Prime, or Prime was a day behind things as usual. At 7:20pm still running a “Next on Prime, The Mole” promo. Oops.

  9. Without a lead in from X Factor, Australia’s Got Talent or Packed to the Rafters, Winners and Losers is looking very mediocre. If it were a true hit it would have managed good numbers last night regardless of its lead in.

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