Gap Year Asia drives Nine to a win

Ratings: Nine's combo of Hamish & Andy and The Block ensured another Monday win for Nine.

2013-07-16_1004Nine’s combo of Hamish and Andy and The Block ensured another Monday win for Nine.

Gap Year Asia (1.49m) may have dropped somewhat from its grand opening but it was still the top show of the night.

Nine network was 33.7% then Seven 25.8%, ABC 20.2%, TEN 16.2% and SBS 4.1%.

Also for Nine were The Block (1.45m), Nine News (1.42m), ACA (1.17m), Big Bang Theory (836,000 / 714,000), Hot Seat (764,000), 2 Broke Girls (508,000) and Footy Classified (267,000 in 3 cities).

Seven News (1.31m) was best for Seven then Today Tonight (1.04m). But Seven couldn’t top the magic million after 7pm with Home and Away (965,000), Highway Patrol (919,000), Border Security International (902,000), Criminal Minds (741,000), Deal or No Deal (620,000) and Red Widow (349,000 / 241,000).

ABC News (1.00m) did score a million for ABC1 followed by Australian Story (826,000), 7:30 (825,000), Media Watch (784,000), Four Corners (764,000) and Q & A (687,000).

MasterChef held onto 800,000 for TEN. TEN News was 705,000, The Project was 567,000, Wanted was 543,000, The Simpsons was 352,000 and The Americans was 186,000.

Mythbusters was best on SBS ONE at 221,000 with World News Australia at 171,000, Tour de France (123,000 highlights) and Make Me… at 121,000.

Shaun The Sheep led the multichannels flock on 354,000.

Today: 381,000
Sunrise: 362,000
ABC News Breakfast: 51,000 / 34,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 15 July 2013

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  1. Shaun the Sheep even has a spin off show. Timmy Time is about Timmy, the nephew (I think) of Shaun from Shaun the Sheep.
    I had small kids, they thoroughly enjoy the antics of both Shaun and Timmy, despite my objections to them both being absolutely mindless drivel!

  2. @PJC and anybody else – Adobe Flash is not supported natively in iOS so ads (or videos) that use Flash won’t play. You can install a browser that has Flash built in to get around this (but then you’ll also see the ads).

    Similarly, if you use a decent ad blocker in your PC or Mac browser, you won’t see any ads there either.

  3. Even though Game of Thrones would rate solidly on GEM, if Nine hadn’t onsold it to Foxtel, with the rare exception of Downton Abbey, period shows not set in present day, pretty much always fare better on cable TV.

    Since The Americans is a basic cable US show, it should have been shown on Eleven, instead of Ten and all future episodes should be moved over to it.

  4. Wanted – appears to be another epic failure for ten … as well as The Americans ……. How much did you spend on promoting both programs? How do you justify to your shareholders when you waste so much money on programs that just dont rank …. Im going to take a punt and say the bachelor will be this years version to what the shire and Bingle were last year ….. reason? Extremely limited appeal to a very small audience ……. Will heads roll if bachelor is an epic failure ? I hope so ….. heads need to role because ten keeps on repeating the same mistakes …….. play rubbish after rubbish reality programs and expect people are going to watch them ……..

  5. Wanted seemed a lot better last night than last weeks ep, more professional and moved slong quite smoothly which was good to see and it was also changed from last week and the stories told were interesting too

  6. Even taking into account that The Americans is on Ten, those numbers are still lower than expected and much lower than it deserves. It’s actually a decent show and it has picked up in the last few eps, altho’ I’m yet to see last night’s.

    I was going to start watching Red Widow but haven’t been able to find the motivation given Seven’s obvious lack of faith in it. Double-eps are pretty much a no-no for me.

    Another excellent ep of Breaking Bad last night. The sustained slow build-up of tension as we waited to see if Gus Fring would continue walking to his car or not was really well done.

  7. Did anyone else get the tweet from Ten Styling Dept that Sandra Sully would be wearing Theodore & Scanlon on last night’s show? I replied that I thought the show was about finding criminals not what the females on the show were wearing.
    Maybe this is what is wrong with Ten. All style & not enough substance. Or in the case of Wanted too much effort on wardrobe & not enough in putting out a serious show that doesn’t bore the audience.

  8. k thx mrjojo..so Seven still has a few huh.Back a couple of years, even watching Letters and Numbers on Sbs,it was packed with ads..now i’m trying to recall but don’t think even The Voice had any.Not that I’m complaining..nice to breeze thru an hour show in often less than 40 minutes..another reason to prefer watching online.

  9. I guess Sally’s return wasn’t hyped up as I thought it was going to be, great numbers for Nine all around, Nine news in Melbourne figures are crazy. I feel bad for wanted, tried to watch it but I wasn’t making me feel engaged to watch further, though I do miss Australia’s Most Wanted and Crime Investigation Australia, those are exciting to watch.

  10. Couple of noticeable flops in last night’s numbers:

    Red Widow is a flop but may as well play out in double eps over its remaining few weeks

    The Americans – absolutely woeful numbers but Ten persists with it

    Wanted – not good numbers for an 8.30 show but still not a failure.

  11. On the basis of these ratings reports which frequently list Shaun The Sheep as best performing multichannel show, I recorded a couple of episodes. It’s rather good! I can see why it rates well.

  12. I do most of my watching on the websites..mostly Sbs but occasionally Nine and Ten .Seems that no one’s putting commercials in their online shows anymore.Does that say anything about the advertising biz nowadays,or were those online ads never much of a money generator to even be concerned about?

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