Gap Year bumps Big Brother

With the arrival of Big Brother there are a couple of interesting scheduling points worth a mention.

2013-07-29_0114With the arrival of Big Brother tonight there are a couple of interesting scheduling points worth a mention.

This Sunday night there is no episode of Big Brother.

This goes against the tradition of Big Brother events on Sunday nights ever since the show began in 2001. Next Sunday Nine screens Domestic Blitz, 60 Minutes and Underbelly: Squizzy.

With Australia’s Got Talent set to premiere on Sunday August 11, this further reinforces a tip on this site last week that Evictions will be a regular Monday night feature this season.

Speaking of Mondays, next week Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year Asia is bumped to 7pm with Big Brother not starting until 8pm.

Meanwhile, the first Big Brother Showdown, a revival of Friday Night Live, begins at 6:30pm this Saturday.

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  1. Nine’s idea to ensure a good lead into the first week of Big Brother as well as ensuring that Gap Year doesn’t take a dive if Big Brother is a poor lead in is the most stupid thing I’ve heard in a while. Seriously the 7pm timeslot was designed years ago to be a half-hour slot that could be used on Big Brother (TEN), Home & Away (Seven) and news on Nine – not for premiere primetime programming! Another problem I have with Nine – TEN ensured that the majority of weeknight BB episodes fit in the half hour timeslot to allow for regular primetime programming, while Nine have made nearly every episode of BB and The Block 1 hour, totally clashing with competitions primetime programming. If I wasn’t hooked on the shows I would boycott.

  2. Big Brother starting at 8pm on Mondays? I don’t think that will rate very well. They’re still going for a family friendly format this year. I’m not sure how an 8pm start fits into that. Big Brother needs a solid time slot for every episode, being 7pm with Saturday Showdown being the only acceptable exception.

    @Darwinite – Big Brother doesn’t perform that poorly. I’m sure if Hamish & Andy were on five days a week it would do much worse.

    @nevothirty – Seriously? In the past week, since housemates have been in lockdown, Channel 9 have spammed multiple different ads for Big Brother. If I hear that Bounce song again…

  3. the fact that this years publicity for big brother is nothing compared to last year, in fact I am yet to see any advertising, anywhere.

    If I recall weren’t evictions moved to 630 sunday nights to allow for 60 minutes to remain at 730?

    I would move evictions to either a Saturday night or mid week (Wednesday nights)

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