Gap Year fills in the ratings

2013-07-23_1025For the third week in a row Hamish and Andy have topped Monday nights with  Gap Year Asia, and managing to hold onto most of their audience. Last night they pulled 1.46m viewers, helping Nine to another win.


Nine network was 32.0% then Seven 27.3%, ABC 18.9%, TEN 16.2% and SBS 5.7%.

Following Gap Year for Nine was Nine News (1.4m), The Block (1.39m), A Current Affair (1.24m), The Big Bang Theory (1.14m / 848,000), Hot Seat (767,000), 2 Broke Girls (630,000) and Footy Classified (252,000 in 3 cities).

Seven News (1.34m) was best for Seven then Today Tonight (1.13m), Home and Away (976,000), Secret Life of Dogs (923,000), Criminal Minds (820,000 / 622,000), Deal or No Deal (587,000) and Red Widow (282,000).

ABC News (959,000) led ABC1 then Australian Story (854,000), 7:30 (747,000), Media Watch (717,000), Four Corners (699,000) and Q & A (655,000).

MasterChef held at 824,000 for TEN followed by TEN News (769,000), The Project (610,000) and Wanted which was fourth in its slot (519,000). The Simpsons was 402,000 and The Americans was 235,000.

Documentary Pain, Pus and Poison (342,000) led SBS ONE then Housos (255,000), Mythbusters (234,000) and World News Australia (213,000).

Peter Rabbit topped multichannels with 339,000. Dance Academy was 97,000 and a second Housos ep on SBS 2 was 83,000.

Today: 337,000
Sunrise: 317,000
ABC News Breakfast: 60,000 / 53,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 22 July 2013


  1. Great to see Hamish & Andy killing the ratings for the 3rd monday in a row! Those boys can do no wrong! Last nights ep was the funniest so far in my opinion.

  2. Wanted is a really good show and lets face it, if it was on Seven or Nine it would be rating stronger than it is. I really hope TEN continue with it because it is getting results.

    I still don’t understand how people can watch idiots Hamish and Andy but i suppose people put up with idiots these days so watch them too. Next Monday will be interesting to see how X Factor premieres with Big Brother on Nine.

  3. Contrary to what David said below, according to the online TV guide and the Housos episode guide on the SBS website, we will see episode 2 (Jailbreak) next Monday on SBS1. Last night we saw episode 1 (Voucher) on SBS1, and episode 7 (Junkie) on SBS2 for some strange reason.

  4. Last night’s Wanted was the best so far. The cases covered were more hard hitting which is important. Covering rubbish like stamp thieves is a waste of time. One major criticism of the show is Terry Dalton’s ridiculous one liners. They cheapen the show. Wanted needs to be hard hitting and cover serious investigations.

  5. Re: the Americans. While I loved the show, I’m not surprised by its low ratings.

    This is a serialised, period drama which aired at 10pm on basic cable (FX) in the States.

    Its ratings weren’t that strong and if it wasn’t for PVR figures it wasn’t likely to get renewed (like the brilliant Terriers).

    The show is an understated character piece and doesn’t scream for attention (unlike the walking dead) and thus is unlikely to ever be a ratings juggernaut.

    Even all time great dramas like Mad Men didn’t rate well until seasons 4-5.

  6. carolemorrissey

    I watch The Americans too, I love it and think it is a great show. I’m glad it didn’t go to Foxtel. I miss out on enough good shows that they get as it is.

  7. @Slam, I agree The Americans is a great show, good story line great casting I am glad Ten haven’t moved it but I know it will only be a matter of time.

    @Secret Squirrel good comments and spot on as [email protected] totally agree.

    I really enjoyed Secret Life of Dogs, Martin Clune has narrated a few of these doco’s and all are wonderful.

  8. I expect Wanted to increase when BB starts. Its a show that will appeal to those not interested in BB and presumably, the older demographic. As for The Americans, it was screwed the minute in went to FTA. I adore the show and believe it to be a brilliant piece of TV but was never meant for Aussie commercial TV… Whether 7 or 9 had it, they would have treated it the same way 10 have, if not worse and dumped all together..

  9. @ slam, i’m with you, i’m really enjoying the Americans and it’s far better than its ratings suggest. I wonder how it would be rating if it was on 7 or 9…

  10. Wanted is not doing good enough numbers. I think the set looks a bit too plastic – as do the hosts. Will not be able to compete against Big Brother and X Factor next week, although at least Ten is providing alternate programming.

    Started watching The Americans again last night – I realise it is good after all. Last scenes were excellent.

  11. Secret Squirrel

    @slam – I think it has quite a bit to do with Monday being very crowded with decent shows when The Americans first started. Revenge was still on then and it often didn’t finish until after 9:45 and I think Nine were still showing Person of Interest.

    I’ll catch The Americans tonight because I watch Breaking Bad “live”.

  12. @ Pertinax I posted this under the Ratings link:
    Not sure what is going on:
    Shaun the Sheep has topped multi-channels since last Wednesday.
    7 seem to have no decent shows for the 7:30 timeslot. The Mole stripped three nights a week has hurt them.
    Glad I have my PVR to catch up on other shows on ABC South Pacific, Wonders of Life are two great documentaries at the moment, plus Restoration Man and Grand Design. Looking forward to more new dramas on ABC and 10 coming soon.

  13. presumably housos episode 2 will be on sbs1 next week and they were just doing first look on sbs2 last night to try and expose new people to the channel especially considering housos plays more into the sbs2 desired demos than sbs1

    UK tv has been doing this for ages, Channel 5 show home and away first look on one of their digital channels the night before, and this is often the largest figures by far for that channel.

  14. Wanted is holding up well in that tough Monday slot for Ten. It could sink next week up against reality premieres though.

    As much as I am enjoying seeing fortunes reversed and Nine on a winning streak, I think Seven has the next few weeks in the bag with X Factor.

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