GEM Ashes bowls over ABC1, SBS.

2013-07-11_0914The Ashes on GEM pulled in huge audiences last night with GEM eclipsing both ABC1 in primary share and all of SBS channels combined.

With numbers that will have everyone reaching for the record books, GEM had a mammoth 12.2% share over ABC1’s 11.1% and SBS’ combined channels at 5.1%. It almost pipped TEN’s 12.9% primary share.

Nine coded the Ashes into two titles with 627,000 for Session 1 and 324,00 for Session 2.

Nine network stormed the night with 39.2% share then Seven 22.1%, TEN 17.3%, ABC 15.6% and SBS 5.8%.

The Block (1.35m) topped the night for Nine then Nine News (1.24m), ACA (1.08m), Hot Seat (717,000), Big Bang (625,000), Arrow (558,000), EJ Whitten Legends Game (477,000 in 3 cities), and Embarrassing Bodies (248,000 in 2 cities).

Seven News (1.2m) was best on Seven then Today Tonight (1.01m), Home and Away (838,000), Criminal Minds (637,000), Surveillance Oz (567,000 / 540,000) and Deal or No Deal (551,000) and The Mole (353,000).

MasterChef (777,000) topped TEN followed by Offspring (711,000), TEN News (681,000), The Project (564,000). The Simpsons was 411,000 and NCIS: LA was 327,000.

ABC News was strong at 905,000 for ABC1. 7:30 was 664,000, Adam Hills Tonight was 649,000, Qi was 637,000, Seasons was 405,000 but Wednesday Night Fever fell to 324,000 in its second outing.

On SBS ONE it was Tour de France (228,000 pre-race / 178,000 race), Bears of the Last Frontier (192,000), and World News Australia (170,000).

Sunrise: 327,000
Today: 320,000
ABC News Breakfast: 57,000 / 41,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 10 July 2013.


  1. Although a little bit of a glitch by missing out with the first ball, well done Nine on showing the Ashes in full HD via GEM, yes I mean Full HD.

    I truly miss HD sports on FTA TV and hope there’s more to come after the Ashes.

  2. @Jarred – Nothing new. Happens all of the time between 7 and Prime. Can be a 10-secs. delay. Same between ABC and 9 where Nine’s taking ABC pics (Anzac Day, e.g.). Depends on how much extra equipment, synchronisers, satellites, etc., it passes thru between one and the other. Perhaps one took a UK feed by fibre-optic cable and the other by satellite.

  3. Armchair Analyst

    Bowled em. Well done to Nine finally doing this right. Just think if TEN had Wimbledon or the Ashes on ONE in HD at the time it was a sports channel it would have rated well. This is no surprise, Wimbledon on 7two has done very well, and the Ashes will do equally well on GEM. Also last night on SBS2 there was the Under 20 World Cup Live, as well on Nine EJ Witten Legends game. As far as Seven showing sport on 7Mate they are slowly changing there minds on that. The two exebition matches of Man Utd and Liverpool vs. A league allstars and Melb Victory will be on Mate, also the V8’s are on 7Mate, and as the Analogue signal gets turned off Networks will be more inclined to show more sport on there HD channels,because the viewers will likely be there to watch it.

  4. Melbourne was the only city in which Arrow was not shown, football was broadcast at 9.30pm in Adelaide and Perth.

    Don’t think The Mole will last much longer in that time slot when Criminal Minds repeats rate higher. I think it will be shafted to 7mate next week.

  5. Apparently Nine missed the very first ball of the cricket though and people weren’t happy on Twitter. That’s Nine sport for you. Might be getting ratings, but their coverage isn’t winning fans.

  6. Can anyone explain why the Gem Ashes feed was delayed by about 10 seconds to the Fox Sports Ashes feed. They were the same feed from Sky Sports in UK but it was weird watching a ball being bowled and then fielded on Fox Sports then flicking to gem and seeing the bolwer at the start of his run up of that same ball?

  7. Take note, Seven. If you’re going to bump sport to your secondary channel, please use the HD channel!! Showing Wimbledon in SD while Pawn Stars and American Pickers ran in HD on 7mate was a disgrace.

    Well done Nine for showing live sport in HD!!

  8. “Wednesday Night Fever fell to 324,000 in its second outing” and we know why don’t we, annoy the viewers with way OTT language and many won’t come back.

    I watched it last night, and with minimal language and it was much better, but still nowhere near as good as it should be.

  9. Well I’ll be, FTA channel shows sport in HD and guess what, people watch it!
    Shame they can’t do this more often, although the picture quality compared to Fox Sports is pretty terrible

  10. A lot of mid-week sport last night. The Ashes did great numbers for Gem, the EJ Whitten game did good for the 3 cities on Nine, while SBS’s Tour de France have been getting those good numbers on a regular basis for its late night slot (well, I thought they were good until session 2 of the Ashes beat it). lol

  11. Geez,it’s almost as if House Rules was the last line of Seven’s defense against Nine..once it ended(and with The Mole collapsing in its burrow) Nine has pretty much taken control of the ratings.Think they may have a bit more in their arsenal too with the finals of The Block, Origin, Agt,Underbelly and maybe a refurbished Big Brother.Might be a Nine win this year.

  12. jezza the first original one

    Only discovered that this was on gem at the very last minute while browsing the epg, cos everything else that was on I considered fairly crap. So good to know the Ashes are on fta….compelling stuff, the share will rise substantially if the aussies do well

  13. Arrow dropped 242k on last week. It’s now rating half what it started at. It may end up following Revolution at this rate (I don’t think Nine have enough content to bump it to Go!).

    The show started well, better than I expected for a CW genre show, but it hasn’t been able to sustain that over a 23 episode season. The overall story has stalled and the writing and direction in the last few episodes has been very disappointing.

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