Jenny McCarthy joins The View

2013-07-16_1136Following recent speculation, it’s now confirmed that comedienne and author Jenny McCarthy will join The View on ABC (US).

McCarthy, who has already made 17 appearances on the show, begins on the first day of the 17th season, Monday, September 9th.

Her announcement follows the exit of Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the impending departure of Joy Behar and the retirement of Barbara Walters.

“Jenny will be a great addition to the show as we usher in an exciting new chapter for The View,” said Walters in a statement.

McCarthy rose to fame as a co-host on the MTV game show Singled Out and had been working on a late-night VH-1 talk show, The Jenny McCarthy Show, but was released by cable network Viacom.

Until recently The View was airing on Nine, but no longer has an Australian broadcaster.

Source: Variety


  1. I am not the only one. Why do the ABC allow an conspiracy theorist who still believes that vaccines cause autism, despite it being revealed as a hoax a few years ago, to join a pretty successful talk show?

  2. She comes across as someone manic and she is so stupid to have those theories on vaccinations..This is a bad decision to have a conspiracy theorist as a panelist

  3. @Dodge, it’s not about whether I as an individual watch, it’s about presenting misinformation to the public. Having her as a panelist gives a false legitimacy to her ideas.

  4. For people saying they’re glad Nine’s not airing The View because they don’t like Jenny Mccarthy – you do realise you could just not watch it.

  5. It’s just as well Nine isn’t airing it anymore as I’m not keen on Jenny McCarthy. I thought Brooke Shields would’ve been a better choice. With Joy and Barbara leaving I probably wouldn’t want to watch it even though I love Whoopi.

  6. Sherri Shepherd let slip last week that Jenny McCarthy was replacing Joy Behar.
    Nine really could do worse that resume showing The View. It is a great companion to ellen.

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