Jimmy Kimmel’s look Hasselbeck as Elisabeth leaves The View

This week Elisabeth Hasselbeck announced she was leaving The View, to join a FOX News morning show. Bite my lip, bite my lip….

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel took the opportunity to edit together some of her ‘highlights’ across her 10 years on the chat show.

Hasselbeck’s exit comes ahead of Barbara Walters and Joy Behar also the show, which no longer screens on Australian television.


  1. @Kylie

    How did you find a way to watch The View from Australia? Is there a special website?
    Or does David or anyone else know a way to watch it from here?
    Youtube, ABC (America) and other sites don’t allow access from the U.S.

  2. It hasn’t been the same since Rosie O’Donnel left anyway so maybe this will mean she’ll come back. She only left because she couldn’t work with Hasselbeck. I’m glad she’s leaving, she is so suited to FoxNews.

  3. I reckon there is so much more to this!

    Why leave on a wednesday when thursday is the last live show of the week?

    Why leave so abruptly when she doesn’t start new role until Sept and The View goes on their month long hiatus in August?

    Hmmmmm…..glad I found a way to watch it from here! Was surprised they didn’t show a package of the highlights of her 10 years!

  4. ghghgh20_211

    I know the real reason Elizabeth left the show.

    She said to the producers ”Since we no longer screen in Australia what’s the point of being on the show anymore. I quit!”

    Well i can only imagine she said that.

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