Lisa Wilkinson to present Andrew Olle Lecture

2013-07-23_1301Today‘s Lisa Wilkinson will become the third woman to present the Andrew Olle Media Lecture, in October.

She follows on from Jana Wendt and Helen Coonan.

The black tie dinner event at the Australian Technology Park in Redfern will be hosted by 702 ABC Sydney Drive presenter Richard Glover. It will be audio-streamed live and televised on the ABC in November.

Tickets are on sale now via [email protected]



  1. I’ve only been to the Andrew Olle lecture once. It was Ray Martin and he blew my mind. When I saw Lisa Wilkinson was up for it, I was so stoked. I think she’d do a great job. To be a woman at Nine in such a high-profile position at her age and also to be married to another highly respected journo makes for a killer combo. I’m hoping I can convince enough of my friends to book at table.

  2. @Riga
    Till they change the title of the “The Andrew Olle Lecture” to ” Maintaining Andrew Olle’s Principals” his memories will continue to be enhanced but also devalued and lost in translation by some who should never be given the opportunity to degrade all he stood for, because they have their own vested interest and exaggerated ego’s and their misused influences, whilst pretending they hold his values.
    Hopefully and with no disrespect towards Lisa Wilkinson, I hope she doesn’t take the same B/S approach as the infamous Laurie Oakes address where prattled on about the sanctity of his sources but ” Never Once” guaranteed he would report ” All Of His Sources Information”.

    And who can every forget the shameful 60 minutes Tony Abbott interview, in the same week they espoused the virtues and passing of their own Peter Harvey

  3. Dr_Rudi, I think that in listing Wilkinson’s ‘credentials’ you have confirmed my point. Circulation numbers are not necessarily an indication of journalistic quality and integrity, Just the opposite in many cases, in the same way that TV ratings are not always a measure of the quality of a programme.

  4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion that what blogs like this is for.Its up to David to set the rules on whats acceptable or not or in other words moderated to filter comments that may offend other people,as I see it I’m here buy invitation and appreciate the opportunity here to express my views 😉

  5. @Riga, well that is over the top. For poor choices look no further than Vizard and Senator Helen Coonan.

    As for Wilkinson – well she deserves some reward for putting up with Stefanovic at work every day.

    Besides that, her credentials might include – editing a girls magazine at age 21, tripling circulation, getting poached by Kerry Packer to edit Cleo; increase the circulation of that, and get appointed International Editor.

    I suspect she knows rather more about journalism than a few others. Just because your main job is a piece of fluff, doesn’t mean you are.

    @David – by my calculation LW is the third woman to present – Jana Wendt and Helen Coonan make two.

  6. You really have some vile, bitter people as readers on here. and not just this post but nearly every post theres someone commenting how they could do better or yawn not interested on tv news. yet they click the story to comment!

    • Alas if we look around the Internet volatile opinion is not exclusive to my site. I approve many comments I personally would never utter. It’s a question of what forms a critical review to an entertainment offering, however briefly worded.

  7. carolemorrissey

    Saw this on Twitter and didn’t have a clue what it was all about, but from everyone’s reaction gathered it was a huge honour. Good on her.

  8. I can’t imagine why they would denigrate the memory of Andrew Olle by giving it to such a lightweight. There are many far more worthy speakers.

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