Melanie Vallejo to host Formal Wars

Formal Wars-27Winners and Losers star Melanie Vallejo has been announced as host of Seven’s upcoming reality show, Formal Wars.

Produced by Matchbox Pictures, the series sees high school students having their high school formal organised by their parents. Each week two high school students receive $2000 towards the cost of their school formal but their parents decide their date, their attire and transport.

“It’s been so much fun hosting this show, and seeing how these kids react,” Vallejo said.

“This is the biggest event in their lives and they have very strong views about what they want and how they want to look, the turmoil created when we hand control over to their parents is hilarious and at times surprisingly heartwarming.”

The series is due soon on Seven.


  1. Considering the ratings for Winners & Losers this week I think this show is already doomed. Sounds dire & the host is not exactly well known.

  2. and people wonder why I drink. If FTA channels are so hard up for content I suggest they pick up a feed of Kitty Cam from a local cat shelter… anything but this drivel.

  3. Agree that 7 is putting on some different reality shows this year which are not to everyone’s taste, but at least they are trying a new approach to TV viewers and alternative types of programme’s and have to be congratulated for that, lets give them credit for trying.

  4. What Lizzie May said. Seven’s just getting worse. They’re going the Ten route last year with trashy crappy reality. Marry My Boy, Formal Wars, good luck Seven.

  5. HardcorePrawn

    I suppose everyone has to earn a living, but this looks like a bad move for Melanie Vallejo.
    I hope her career will survive after this show’s inevitable critical panning and subsequent cancellation.

  6. $2000 to get you ready for a school formal?

    First parents to spend only a couple of hundred and give the rest to charity will be doing thousands of other parents across the nation a gigantic favour, methinks.

  7. It’ll probably work on 7 (sadly) – look at Marry My Boy, Beauty and the Geek, Four Weddings etc. Low brow stuff, but managed to do ok.

  8. This show might be the start of some serious rot forming at Channel 7 a la Channel Ten’s misguided ventures into reality which saw that network slump.

    It sound woeful.

  9. Seriously who thinks of these shows? It sounds to me like a predecessor of Please Marry My Boy. Girl goes to formal with boy, boy loses track of girl, girl goes on reality tv show and meets her old flame and also meets the boys mother. Sorry but I won’t be watching.

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