Monday evictions for Big Brother?

Nine's early week schedule is looking very top-heavy so don't be surprised if Big Brother evictions moves from its traditional Sunday nights.

Sonia-23With Australia’s Got Talent coming to Sundays, Nine’s early week schedule is looking very top-heavy next month.

So don’t be surprised if Big Brother has eviction nights on Mondays instead of Sundays this year.

Sunday nights will have AGT, 60 Minutes and Underbelly: Squizzy, leaving no room for its other reality juggernaut.

Meanwhile, there’s a “Live Surprise” show scheduled for Monday August 5 with Dreamworld selling tickets from $30 – $50.

First eviction has always taken place two weeks after the official launch.

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  1. Thats probably better anyways doesnt fall on public holiday like fathers day and the rugby grand final like it did last year. Kind of screwed up the schedule last year.

  2. @mariusj yes that strue but the highest ratings night in the UK is also Saturday. People don’t go out on Saturday they stay in and watch X factor and got talent and voice and all the big massive tent pole shows. Doesn’t mean the same result would be here.

  3. @carolemorrissey
    Doesn’t matter how busy a TV night it is, BB comes 1st for me, anything else gets recorded for later.

    Everything comes second to BB, even my relatives know not to visit for 3 months!

  4. Oh no, Monday is usually a busy TV night, so would be a bad night for evictions. So then they would have to make Tuesday night nomination night. Another busy TV night for me.

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