More jobs go as WIN TV outsources

2013-07-03_1255More jobs have gone from WIN TV as the company begins an outsourcing deal with Ad Media for South Australia and Victoria.

WIN Ballarat’s Director of News Steve Marshall has been made redundant after 11 years in the job.

Ballarat Courier reports he left the job on Monday, amid speculation the whole production team was made redundant yesterday.

This follows staff at their South Australia bureau redundant in February.

In a statement today WIN announced a partnership with regional production company Ad Media for its production service in Victoria and South Australia, plus additional news resources in some areas.

The new alliance will see “see full production facilities in all WIN Offices in Victoria and South Australia including Albury and a full contingent of production staff.”

Many senior commercial producers have been offered positions within Ad Media while some staff have been re-deployed into similar positions within WIN.

WIN’s General Manager for Victoria and South Australia, Rod Jerman said, “The quality and professional work that Ad Media has provided to regional advertisers over the last 10 years has been enhanced with additional highly skilled and experienced production staff previously employed directly by WIN. These combined resources of the two companies under Ad Media, will provide clients in our markets with a production offering from WIN which is extremely superior to our competitors.

“WIN is thrilled to be continuing to look for ways to innovate and improve efficiencies in order to remain viable in this ever challenging operating environment. We are thrilled to be able to partner with a regional based business which, via this arrangement, has a commitment to continue to employ local people within the markets we operate.

“The production of Victoria’s highly rating WIN News (presented by Bruce Roberts) has not been effected. Through the new alliance, WIN News has gained additional resources in some areas ensuring we are able to continue to deliver the highest quality six bulletins each week night across regional Victoria.”

WIN has not responded to enquiries about job losses in Ballarat.


  1. Jason, yes, all of that is true. But I was referring to Nine increasing affiliation fees from WIN again. WIN pay way more compared to their competitors, while Nine isn’t ‘Still The One’ anymore.

  2. @Stan -“Nine & their investment bankers” have no financial interest in WIN Corp. It’s all privately owned by Bermuda-based Bruce Gordon. WIN’s destruction of local stations BTV6, SES8, RTQ7, etc., is disgraceful, but was allowed thanks to no government licence requirements regarding “local” local production.

  3. chadsterboi

    These jobs being lost is just the latest casualty in WIN’s hell-bent desire to outsource and centralise absolutely everything they physically can. It was bad enough when they cancelled so many locally produced programs when they bought stations like BTV6, but over recent years the drastic cost-cutting environment at the network has worsened considerably. They’ve closed many studios, they’ve merged various local news bulletins, and they’ve completely closed their regional news operations in South Australia and Western Australia. Enough is enough. When is the government going to take notice of this profit-driven campaign to rid the network of so many jobs, and rob the community of the localism it deserves? The weak ACMA regulations in place are a joke.

  4. chadsterboi

    Win TV will dye off soon. They are obviously setting up to nationalise state bulletins. Started in WA, as they scrapped the regionals, now in SA and also ACT. Next will be QLD regionals ie: Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Mackay or get video journos. How do TV journos get a start these days. It will come back to haunt the industry of quality journos down the track when they are forced to be producers in metros. No skills from regionals will be what it will become.

  5. @Jason it would make even more sense now considering WIN just sold off its Adleaide station and Nine is now looking to buy its Perth station in the very near future which would no longer put WIN in ownership of any stations in the same market as Ten

  6. @MonashMan- Agree. Bruce Gordon’s not been buying TEN shares for no reason, or as a ‘good investment’. Then, things would become interesting.
    @Maverick – Yes. Commercial production in W’gong literally stops at 1pm now so all of the regional News half-hours can be recorded up to 6:30. Another news bulletin (for Canberra) is the last thing they needed there.

  7. @Jason It would make sense, WINs owner owns a 15% share in Ten, its also the biggest share of Ten and Nine I think are still holding out for Southern Cross Austereo because they’ve got the added Radio network if they merge.

  8. The work experience girl typing WIN’s media releases this week was rather affected by the effect this news had on her.
    @TheTvGuru -The dots were reinstated to WIN/Nine News microphones in Adelaide & Perth quite some time ago. Nine has no interest (financially) in WIN whatsoever. Nine does own NBN and the previously-WIN-owned NWS9.
    Next year- WIN News, live from outsourced-India.
    @MonashMan – Who would that be? TEN? Seriously?

    • Nine does not have control of WIN. Two separate companies. Nine recently purchased Nine Adelaide from WIN and I believe exercising its option on Nine Perth. Regional WIN is separate.

  9. This is rediculous, the cuts by WIN even in just the past fortnight is just rediculous, let hope the reach rule is lifted and then WIN merges with someone more serious and capable about news.

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