Nine blitzes ratings week

Ratings: GEM gives the industry a wake-up call on the power of multichannels in a triumphant week for Nine.

2013-07-14_2144Last week was a week like no other, all due to the success of the Ashes series on GEM.

GEM had some individual wins over TEN, ABC1 and all of the SBS network.

It was a game-changing week where networks have been given a wake-up call on the power of their multichannels. Nine’s cricket didn’t cannibalise other shows such as The Footy Show. Rather it boosted their firepower.

Nine ran away with the week, with Seven still licking its wounds over the failure of The Mole.

Nine: 34.3%
Seven: 26.0%
ABC: 17.0%
TEN: 17.0%
SBS: 5.8%

Primary Channel:
Nine: 21.7%
Seven: 18.4%
ABC1: 12.9%
TEN: 11.9%
SBS ONE: 5.0%

GEM: 8.4%
7TWO: 4.2%
GO!: 4.2%
7mate: 3.3%
ELEVEN: 3.2%
ABC2: 2.7%
ONE: 2.1%
ABC News 24: 0.8%
SBS 2: 0.7%
ABC3: 0.6%
NITV: 0.1%

Nine won 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54 demos.

Nine won Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide but Seven held Perth.

Nine won Sunday to Friday but tied with Seven for Saturday. ABC pipped TEN on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The Block (Sunday) was the week’s top show at 1.64m viewers.

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  1. Seems nearly all networks follow the same sequence of cycles at some stage, a period of non-appreciation/respect towards and from viewers,a period of descent into and at most times a self inflicted decline, a period of stagnation, a period self examination, a period of combined finger pointing, blame shifting/denial, job shedding or some may say bloodletting, a period of “new blood” transfusions and eventually a return of the appreciation/respect towards and from viewers, with only the length of each period being determined by just how entrenched the assumption that viewers are actually “only necessary evils” is held.

    These sequences of course can be simplified as follows:-

    Viewers Appreciation, Egotism, Arrogance, Loyalty Lost (internal/external), Viewer Depreciation, Questionable Adjustments, Viewers Lost, Recognition , Desperation, Panic, Stagnation, Admissions, Ask &…

  2. After seeing the rating on Gem for the Ashes for the past 5 nights, it will be interesting to see if the main networks will now buy overseas test cricket series involving Australia and put them onto multichannel instead of Foxtel holding the TV cards with these series. I can see good ratings coming from series involving India and Sth Africa especially as they will be shown in prime time.

  3. @ David Knox – thank you for clarifying, I didn’t think of it in conjunction with the respective main channel, but rather solely in terms of multichannel performance. It will be interesting to see if this has any affect on the governments Anti Siphoning List post 2015.

  4. Looks like 7’s getting pretty turbulent this year, this year is their version of 9’s performance in 2005.
    Think about it, 9news has just about taken the national news lead, deal or no deal looks like its on the verge of being axed, and 9’s unexpectedly winning weeks left right and centre now 🙂
    9 in 2005 lost the national lead to 7, price is right was axed because of it, and 7 started clawing back then…..
    So law of viewing may predict 9 to claw back with their lineup consisting of agt, etc

  5. Good comment on the wake up call, put quality stuff on instead of the trash normally on and people will watch. One only has to look at Heartbeat which in its first re run got good numbers. It should be rested for a couple of years there are other english shows that we have not seen as repeats, How about Warship, The Jimmy Nail seriers “Crocodile Shoes” and the list goes on.

  6. Sorry for my ignorance but how is it that Gem’s ratings for the Ashes are a wake up call regarding multichannels when ONE has has had similar success with F1 and MotoGP and 7Two with Wimbolden? I realise the numbers are higher but it’s not like this is a first for sport to rate well on multichannels.

  7. The Ashes on Gem look like they could be quite profitable sporting rights. Of course it depends how much they have paid, but I am guessing they have just paid for a TV feed with commentary from the host broadcaster. The local production costs must be fairly low, 2 blokes in a studio here in Aus and that is about it. Then to get such strong ratings, good weather and such a compelling game right until the very end…..surely it is bringing home the $$$$

    However a word of caution…..the English weather, summer inavriably involves rain, rain and more rain…..and that would mean no play and ratings that would evaporate

  8. So The Mole joins Celebrity Splash on the trash heap. And if the promos are anything to go by, Slide Show will be there soon after that. Some quite bizarre programming decisions made by the people in charge at Seven this year. Trash TV at its worst. Maybe there needs to be some changes at the helm?

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