Nine Perth axes local 4:30 news

2013-07-01_1550Channel Nine in Perth has axed its local edition of the 4:30pm news.

A spokesperson confirmed to TV Tonight, “We will be taking the national 4.30 news feed from this afternoon. We won’t be making any other comment.”

That means there will be a hefty time difference for Perth viewers given the news will be two hours after it was broadcast on the East Coast.

It’s believed the axing means four jobs have gone: producer, cameraman, journalist and editor.

Nine Perth is owned by WIN Television.


  1. Sad to see local content in Perth being axed. Bruce Gordon used to be the hero of regional television with his commitment to local news on WIN stations when Prime and Southern Cross had long since abandoned it in many markets.

  2. It’s a shame, they were the ones that started local 430 news which forced 7 to do the same…
    That said I don’t believe it was getting anywhere near 7’s ratings, was it David?
    I hope this doesn’t mean 7 will cancel their’s too now the pressure is off.

  3. I don’t understand Channel 9 having Nine News Now and then half an hour later having the 4:30 news. The 4:30 news uses all the same stories as Nine News Now.

  4. That’s disappointing. Although I don’t like the amount of news programs taking over daytime TV, I did think that it was a great point of difference having local news for us over in the West. I’m guessing the reason for this has to do with Perth’s loyalty to Seven and refusal to watch Nine.

  5. Channel 9 is now taking 39% of WIN Perth’s revenue under the new affiliation deal and will take the station over as soon as the reach rule is removed.

  6. This is just the latest in a bunch of cost cutting moves by the WIN Network, before being Canberra and before that ditching news although in regional SA, they’re cutting back as a way to gain bigger profits before Bruce Gordon merges WIN with Nine for Ten, assuming, the media reforms are passed after the election

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