Oops. “Melanie Doyle” in London

Video: Helen Kapalos incorrectly calls fellow Seven News personality Melissa Doyle ...."Melanie Doyle."

More problems for Helen Kapalos on Today Tonight after incorrectly calling fellow Seven News personality Melissa Doyle “Melanie Doyle” following a live Royal Baby cross to London.

Not really a good look, especially on the very same network.

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  1. Have to agree with Jason.
    All they have to do is read off their autocue .. and get paid very handsomely for their “efforts”.
    They aren’t journalists just newsreaders.
    Same for morning show hosts.
    Everything has to be scripted for them or they have no idea.

  2. @J Bar – No, it’s an “Oops Moment”, as the title says.
    @Sam1112 – It is quite bad when you get the name of a network colleague wrong.
    @craigj77 – Probably right. Current crop of presenters tend to just read the autocue, whatever is on it, and if the autocue stops, they die. Many can’t ad lib so the entire program has to be scripted for them. They are however paid thousands of $ per day to read something. One would expect they would take 5 mins. to check things for themselves and not rely entirely on their army of EPs, AEPs, Ps, and the alphabet soup involved in the ‘production’.

  3. Melbourne is not faring well with News/Today Tonight. On Sunday night, a news story came up with a graphic saying “Abbottsford” instead of “Abbotsford”. Near enough is just not good enough.

    Melanie Doyle/Melissa Doyle. Similar mistakes, but these mistakes just keep on happening. Pretty poor show.

  4. There was another great “oops” moment last night – on ABC News 24.

    The 8pm bulletin with Juanita Phillips played off the opener, and Juanita said “Good evening you’re watching Sky… ABC News 24.”

    I burst out laughing.

  5. As I understood it, Helen Kapalos was put in the Today Tonight chair to arrest declining ratings. Under Ms Kapalos, ratings have gone backwards. Add gaffes like this and the autocue meltdown to the equation and I think it’s extremely legitimate to question her performance. And before anyway brings out the gender card, it has nothing to do with her being a woman. The ratings for this show are going backwards, Melissa Doyle is popular and needs a permanent gig. Put her in the Today Tonight chair I say. She’d give Tracey Grimshaw a run for her money.

  6. Hey David … a bit like your own personal “oops moment” recently when you posted a photo of Gurrumul instead of Mr. Yunupingu?

    Heck, I even had mine earlier as you know …. everyone’s human, right.

  7. David…
    I apologise. Yes, I do remember your defence of Helen on those issues. Poor choice of words on my part. It’s just I can picture this being blown up out of all proportion in the papers tomorrow when it doesn’t deserve to be. As you say, it’s just an “Oops” moment. Who hasn’t had those? (On and off TV). Once again, I’m sorry.
    Cheers 🙂

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