Returning: Ladyboys

1ldbA new season of Ladyboys, the UK doco series that looks at gender identity in Thailand, begins on ABC2 next week.

British men who set up new lives in Thailand with their ladyboy lovers, often leave behind confused and puzzled family. So what happens when those two worlds collide?

British divorcee David, a former university lecturer, is getting serious with his ladyboy lover Annie. They live an idyllic life in a modern apartment in a swanky new block in Bangkok.

But now David’s youngest son, 20-year-old trainee chef Troy is coming to Thailand to meet his father’s new girlfriend. David insists he is straight. Will Troy agree?

Following his divorce, David raised Troy as a single parent in the UK, but Troy has not seen his father since David emigrated three years ago. As well as meet his dad’s new partner, Troy is hoping this trip will include quality father/son time. But with Annie now the centre of David’s world, and the couple joined at the hip, Troy may not get the reunion he longed for – but he does get to make up his own mind about his father’s sexuality.

Troy also sees firsthand the poverty that Annie grew up in, visiting her home village in the rural north of Thailand. He learns Annie’s mother abandoned her as a baby boy, and she later drifted into prostitution to survive.

Annie is just two years older than Troy, who has to ask himself, can he trust ladyboy Annie with his father’s heart?

9:30pm Friday, 9 August ABC2

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