Returning: White Collar

2013-07-28_0027Season 4 of White Collar starts on ONE next month.

This began in the US last July.

When a bounty hunter picks up Neal’s trail, Peter tries to get to him first.

7:30pm Wednesday 7th August 2013 on ONE.


  1. Not quite sure where I should ask this, but now that redirects to, does that mean that White Collar is no longer available on catch up? It’s not one of TenPlay’s listed shows, but used to be able to offer it catch up, so I don’t understand why TenPlay isn’t …

  2. Even though this was on in July 2012 in the US, it didn’t finish until March 2013, as there was break in the season from Sep. 18, 2012 to Jan. 22, 2013 … so with a little luck ONE will show it without that break at episode 10.

  3. It is very unlike One will continue straight into S5 but not impossible. Gem is going straight into S2 of Longmire so when a networks feels it is worth the money it can happen.

    Secondary channels don’t generate a lot of revenue and it is more economical to spread out the showing of new series. That way you can show them when they deliver the best ratings, show repeats in between series and make the most of the exclusive period you are paying for.

    Ten is not showing WC out of order. They just showed repeats before starting S4.

    Midwinter, when there are a lot of viewers on cold nights and not a lot of new US content available, is a good time to show it. Of course everybody thinks the same way so WC, Arrow, Longmire and The Killing will all end up overlapping on Wednesday nights and everything else I watch will be on Sunday.

  4. TasTVcameraman

    Thanks David, I have been waiting for a while, so have a lot of the white collar fraternity. Just a bit bemused as to why they have played the seasons out of order. They played season 3, the last few then went back to season 2. Season 3 really should be played again which follows logically on from Season 2, and then play Season 4 which would take up to around October, and then they could put on Season 5 direct from the States. I guess I am dreaming, because it will not happen.

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