Returning: Winners and Losers

Winners & Losers returns next week to Seven, as expected replacing Packed to the Rafters.

Ep 45-41 Matt's FuneralWinners & Losers returns next week to Seven, as expected replacing Packed to the Rafters on Tuesday July 9 at 8.45pm, after The Mole -which is airing three times this week and three times next week.

In the third series of Winners & Losers, viewers will discover the girls struggling to come to grips with the life-changing events that have befallen them.

After Matt’s horrific death in the series finale last year, everyone expects Bec to fall apart. But while her private torment is clear, she shows no overt sign of grief – even at Matt’s funeral.

Jenny is adjusting to family life in the wake of the bombshell that there is a new Gross sibling, Sam McKenzie, who it has emerged is Brian’s daughter from a previous relationship. The Gross house vibe has changed markedly, their freewheeling banter replaced with a forced politeness as they adjust to Sam, played by Katherine Hicks.

Sam is keen to get to know her biological father and half siblings, together with the challenge of mending her relationship with her mother. She will also meet her ʻMr Rightʼ, but the path to love will be rocky from the outset.

Sophie planned to postpone her trip to Kenya in the wake of Matt’s tragic passing. However, Bec insists she follow it through and when Doug gives her little reason to stay, Sophie heads to Nairobi with no return date locked in.

And despite protestations to the contrary, the Jackson meltdown has also deeply affected Frances’ sense of security.

Winners & Losers has enjoyed great success over two series, with a national audience of 1.8 million viewers.

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  1. I’m surprised we are getting the show this early. Don’t we get it until later in the year? Not that I’m complaining. Hopefully this season is better than last season.

  2. I would hardly call this show a hit. Its an average-rated show, but not a hit. Season 1 was driven by powerhouses Packed to the Rafters and Australia’s Got Talent. And season 2 never really rated anything great until it had an X Factor lead in. And that 1.8m figure claimed in the press release includes regional figures which aren’t generally included in the daily ratings.

  3. Glad this show is also back. I worry that 7 will stuff up this show too with a ridiculous starting time of 8:45! The changing start times also affected All Saints. Edit reality shows so they start and finish I. Time to give dramas a decent opportunity to rate, gain good advertising g and allow viewers the option to enjoy a regular start time. Viewers that still each TV are loyal! The more you stuff about they seek alternate firms of recreation or give up I dramas and watch light weight reality!
    You decide this shows fate ch 7?!

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