Super Fun time for Kate

2013-07-19_0135Offspring‘s Kate Jenkinson has been cast in Rebel Wilson’s US comedy project Super Fun Night for ABC.

Wilson, who is star, writer and executive producer, has cast her friend who worked with her on TEN’s The Wedge and Bogan Pride for SBS.

Jenkinson has also appeared on The Time of Our Lives, Thank God You’re Here, Newstopia, The Straits and House Husbands.

The comedy follows three nerdy thirtysomething women who party every Friday night.

The Pilot was originally rejected by CBS but picked up by ABC.

Source: The Age


  1. Nepotism!

    Does nepotism hurt our industry?

    Baz Luhrmann’s spouse works as production and costume designer for Baz on every movie he has made. Baz’s friend Craig Pearce, who wanted to be an actor and has never written a screenplay before Strictly Ballroom wrote screenplays for Baz. At least Craig won a BAFTA Award for Best Screenplay. Have a look where Beyonce Knowles comes from, but she has talent. I am sure, there will be more examples to find.

    So again, do you think nepotism hurts the industry?

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