TEN Xbox partnership the first move in “TV anywhere” strategy

2013-07-08_1252TEN has partnered with Microsoft to allow Xbox Gold Live users to watch video on demand.

From Wednesday users can access more than 25 programs including Offspring, The Graham Norton Show, Bondi Vet, Bondi Rescue, The Living Room and Totally Wild, plus TEN News At Five and TEN Late News  updates.

The move is part of a strategy to provide “TV anywhere” from TEN.

TEN Chief Digital Officer, Rebekah Horne, said: “We are delighted to be the first Australian commercial free-to-air network to join forces with Xbox to provide its consumers with new entertainment, comedy, reality and news content.

“This is the first product release in TEN’s TV anywhere strategy. Our goal is to deliver a TV experience anywhere that consumers are engaging with video content. TEN’s TV anywhere strategy will be realised over time by a number of product releases across different platforms and devices.”

The Xbox partnership follows on from similar platform deals with Foxtel and ABC.


The Network TEN Xbox app will be available to existing Xbox Gold Live console owners from Wednesday, July 10.


  1. They have removed the Network Ten, Eleven & Ten Sport apps from the Itunes store also created a mobile website so I hope they are fixing the apps and putting them back in the store working better.

  2. Maybe I missed something here, but why would anyone pay an Xbox membership to watch content that can be watched for free on the TV, iPad, iPhone etc etc?

  3. Secret Squirrel

    Unless they will be providing free access to entire seasons, I fail to see what the real attraction is. I understand that this is merely the start of this “TV Anywhere” strategy but people can already watch a stack of shows on Ten’s improved on-line catch-up service, albeit usually just the previous two eps.

  4. John Jackson

    Such a pity it is behind that silly pay wall on Xbox. Though it was good to see they didnt put iview behind a pay wall.

    Maybe it’ll turn up on Playstation too with everything else they offer and won’t be behind a pay wall.

  5. This is just more shite that requires Xbox Gold Membership

    The only video App you can view on Xbox without paying fees is ABC’s iview – They even charge for SBS ! Youtube and the like which are free from other sources.

    This is why my Xbox doesn’t see much use

    Trying to make the Xbox the go to Home Entertainment unit – This is not the way to do it.

    Idiots !

  6. No big deal here from what I can see. They already have catch-up TV on the web and other mobile and Windows 8 apps anyway. So it’s not like its an exclusive arrangement unless Xbox functionality make it different in someway.

  7. So nobody can watch TEN on Xbox Live as well as free to air?

    Fair enough.

    The US gets Netflix and streaming TV, and we get the number four network. Go Aussie Go

  8. jumpjakflash

    The Yahoo link I shared with you on twitter states this:
    “The app also allows Gold Live subscribers to access Ten’s digital channels Eleven and One, while the latest news and updates will also be available on demand.”

    • I guess Yahoo has their own take on the TEN release. I don’t see that reference in mine. “TV anywhere” is a strategy they are rolling out, this is the first announcement.

  9. I’m confused. most people will have their xboxes plugged into the same device that they watch tv with what makes this “tv anywhere”?

  10. jumpjakflash

    I believe they will also be live streaming One & Eleven – is this correct?

    Also, was it my tip on twitter this morning that prompted your investigation?

    • Nothing indicates live streaming of entire channels. I doubt they would have digital rights for every show yet. No, sorry not Twitter prompted. Just takes time to get to everything on busy days.

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