The Observer Effect: July 7

2013-07-04_0023Ellen Fanning’s guest on The Observer Effect this week is Australian Army Chief David Morrison AO, the man who bluntly told ADF members wanting to perpetuate a sexist culture to “get out.”

The straight-talking military man attracted world-wide praise this year for his tough stance on sexism. Morrison, who took over as Chief of Army in 2011, just after the ADFA Skype scandal is committed to making the Australian Army an inclusive force.

His hard talking You Tube clip released on 12 June 2013 brought Morrison international fame.

In the clip a uniformed Morrison firmly denounces sexism in the armed forces, calling on all brothers and sisters in the armed forces to show moral courage and stand up to acts and words that go against the Army’s moral code. A visibly angry Morrison describes the alleged behaviour by some officers of sharing images of women using their Army email accounts as “explicit, derogatory, demeaning and repugnant,” and a “direct contravention” of Army values.

“The standard you walk past is the standard you accept,” Morrison says in his You Tube clip which has been viewed more than 1.3 million times since it was posted.

Ellen will help viewers get to know the Australian Army Chief as they discuss his life and service to date, his views on making the army more ‘user friendly’ to women and his observations on the news events of the week.

8.30pm Sunday 7 July on SBS ONE.

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