The Simpsons to guest star in Family Guy

2013-07-19_1046The Simpsons airing on the Seven network?

It looks set to happen with reports that The Simpsons family will guest star in an episode of Family Guy, both being from the FOX stable.

According to the Hollywood Reporter “The Simpsons Guy” episode of Family Guy will see the New England family travel to Springfield, where they’ll encounter Homer (Dan Castellaneta), Bart (Nancy Cartwright), Marge (Julie Kavner) and Lisa (Yeardley Smith). Hank Azaria will also lend his voice to the episode.

According to FOX, the Family Guy characters will quickly bond with their Simpsons counterparts.

Peter (Seth MacFarlane) and Homer will debate whether Pawtucket or Duff is the best beer, Stewie (MacFarlane) will be quite taken with Bart’s prankster ways, Lisa will take Meg (Mila Kunis) under her wing to find something the young Griffin is good at, and Lois (Alex Borstein) and Marge will ditch housework together.

Ok brain teaser time.. who can remember another animated series popping up in the middle of The Jetsons?


  1. A cross-over of the two sounds interesting. I wonder if Peter, Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland will go to Moe’s.

    This Sunday’s season finale of the Simpsons features the guest voice of Seth MacFarlane.

  2. Was it The Flinstones that appeared in The Jetsons?

    This is so weird. I was just thinking the other day how great it would be if there was a crossover ep of The Simpsons and Family Guy.
    I’m sure there’ll be some jokes about the colour of Springfield resident’s skin.

  3. So after a decade of the two shows being obvious enemies they are now doing a cross over episode?

    Also it was The Flinstones who met the Jetsons, The Jetsons travelled back in time to the stoneage.

  4. Cool! Any news on when this episode will air in Australia (Fox8 / 7mate)?

    The Simpsons have been on Family Guy before in the episode “Cool Hand Peter”.

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