Viewers not spotting The Mole yet

2013-07-04_1246Seven will be looking closely at The Mole today but it has nothing to do with their secret identity and everything to do with the performance of the show.

The revived Reality contest slipped from 864,000 in its first outing to 700,000 in its second. The show continues tonight with another three scheduled for next week but is taking too long to rifle through its challenges and get to eliminations. The show finished third behind ABC1, but still pulling ahead of MasterChef.

Seven will be mindful that House Rules grew after they stuck to their guns, but that format had more likeable contestants than the conspiracy theorists of The Mole. The show could benefit from re-editing and fewer episodes a week.

Nine network won the night with 28.9% then Seven 28.6%, ABC 17.8%, TEN 17.1% and SBS 7.6%.

The Block topped the night with 1.36m for Nine then Nine News (1.33m), A Current Affair (1.26m), Big Bang (1.02m), Arrow (800,000), Hot Seat (741,000) and Embarrasing Bodies (450,000).

Seven News (1.25m) led for Seven then Today Tonight (1.08m), Home and Away (940,000), Criminal Minds (742,000 in 5 cities / 349,000 in 3 cities), The Mole (700,000) and Deal or No Deal (548,000).

ABC News (931,000) topped ABC1 followed by 7:30 (835,000), Qi (778,000), Adam Hills Tonight (739,000), Wednesday Night Fever (579,000) and Time Team (352,000).

TEN News was best for TEN. Offspring was 696,000, Masterchef was 673,000, The Project was 516,000, The Simpsons was 384,000 and NCIS: LA was 296,000.

Bears of the Last Frontier led SBS ONE with 303,000, then Tour de France (263,000 pre-race / 229,000 race), Toughest Place to Be a (182,000) and World News Australia (149,000).

Shaun the Sheep was again best on multichannels at 308,000.

Sunrise: 339,000
Today: 337,000
ABC News Breakfast: 59,000 / 33,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 3 July 2013


  1. Another flop from the flailing Fremantle Media.. so lets count them so far.. Excess Baggage, Pricilla, Celebrity Apprentice 2013, The Mole … what have they got in common? Talentless people with zero experience making TV that Australian audiences don’t want to watch.

  2. @Thaddeus : Agreed. And they’ve gotten rid of the agonisingly awkward “live” elimination test. I’m still hoping this show will be a grower with audiences though.

  3. I think The Mole is such a unique and interesting concept for a show, and I love the play along at home factor. I have found this season to be too stretched out. There’s only so much contestant watching we can do before we need an elimination.

  4. I have them on the PVR and will do the same for tonight. I have planned to watch them over the weekend when it is a better time to watch. I really do not like the 3 episode a week format.
    But, I am already reconsidering watching it because I am already so sick of the show from the commercials constantly being shown, and the commercial poorly execute what the show is about and trying to look at possibly relationships forming. This is not a dating show!

  5. @Mac Shura is 100% better than Tom Williams though.

    I agree with those who have said there’s too many episodes with too many recaps. I hate recaps. It’s like the producers of the Cooking and Renovation shows have taken over.

    They should have taken a leaf out of the 2 most successful reality TV shows, Survivor and TAR. One show/week with one elimination/show with maybe the odd double ep thrown in. That format is still the best and still works.

  6. @ paddock boy as a passionate TV viewer the only role I have is to see good Australian television come onto our screens, good dramas and sitcoms and unique formats such as this. Not cheap reality shows with people losing weight, making meals or painting walls.

  7. I considered going with this but I was put off by the many many ads with the guy saying “That’s ‘Home & Away'”.

    Bring back TAR Au.

  8. Survivorfan

    I am enjoying The Mole but it should be two episodes a week maximum. They marketed the show horribly by advertising it in Jan/Feb with it not airing until July. Most of my friends didnt even know it started until I told them.

    I just want it to be successful as Im sick of the cooking and renovating shows, I want more diversity and The Mole brings something different to the table.

  9. The Mole was one of my most anticipated shows of the year, but I agree with David that sharper editing and fewer weekly episodes would tighten it. I understand Bowler is busy with his show on Scyfy but Shura was a poor choice of host. I’m still gonna stick with it though coz even a second rate Mole is much better than the slurry of talent shows out there.

  10. In my opinion, neither re-editing or sticking to the guns are a resolution to creating exciting formats. The current tv market is full of too many similar shows which bore people to death!

    I have already felt like a zombi for years

  11. I’m loving this series of The Mole and would say it’s pretty much as good as the early Grant Bowler hosted seasons. Love how its being dragged out as all of the contestants have a certain intrigue and mystery about them and I enjoy watching them so much I don’t want to see any of them go. So I am glad the elimination is taking place at the end of the week as opposed to the end of the first episode.

    But I think Seven made a big mistake in the marketing of this show in making it “seem” very youthful orientated with comedic undertones going by the ads when actually it’s not. Having 9 out of the 12 contestants under 30 also didn’t help. It’s more like a mystery gameshow filled with suspense and intrigue along the lines of Nine’s great early 90’s show “Cluedo” and should have been marketed as such, rather than like the youthful and comedic world hopping mind numbing extravaganza of The Amazing Race.

    I think this is the only show I’ve watched religiously all year. Come on people, it’s different and unique and you can play along at home by looking for clues to expose the traitor at every angle. Surely it’s better than watching people cook or renovate a house, that to me is like watching the grass grow!

  12. I commented about the editing in ratings section and that I’ve given up on The Mole. But I went on Youtube and started watching season 1 of the original series. Brilliant. Watched two episodes already – 6 challenges – 2 people eliminated. This new series what have we had 3 challenges in 2 eps and no quiz yet. Boring. They should just replay the original series, which they could have done on 7mate prior to new show starting.

  13. Will this get a ‘catch up’ after the AFL or at some point on the weekend?

    I must admit I was looking fwd to the show, but it went off my radar a bit… perhaps I missed the bulk of the promos. Knew it was starting, just never bothered to check when.

  14. I’ll repeat my previous comment here – I’m enjoying the mole. I haven’t watched previous versions so can’t draw comparisons, but its a unique format and refreshing change from cooking, renovating and singing shows. Perhaps it would have benefitted by launching at the top of the week.

  15. As much as I like reality shows I won’t be watching The Mole, I just have no interest in it. I adore Survivor, loved House Rules and like The Block and Masterchef but even I have to draw the line somewhere! I don’t think I’ll be watching The Great Australian Bakeoff either.

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