Who will play The Freak?

2013-07-03_2355Last night’s shocking final for Wentworth sent the series out with a bang with a number of secrets revealed.

But one of the biggest twists aired after the closing credits, when Foxtel teased a hint of what’s to come in season two next year, with the sole appearance of a black leather glove….

So who will play Joan “The Freak” Ferguson?

TV Tonight understands casting is currently underway for this iconic role.

FremantleMedia Director of Drama Jo Porter said “Prisoner offered up a very rich well of amazing characters to draw upon and the Wentworth writers are very excited about revisiting the character of prison officer Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson in our second season.

“However, for now our storylines for new and existing inmates and staff shall remain in maximum security.”

Foxtel Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh said “The first season of Wentworth has won over audiences and critics. The incredible cast and crew have set the bar high for the second season and plans are in place to continue to enthral both the old guard of Prisoner fans and the new passionate Wentworth audience.”

So let’s hear your suggestions for casting? I’ll throw my hat in the ring for Robyn Malcolm, although she doesn’t have the height that Maggie Kirkpatrick had.


  1. It has to be Julia Gillard, c’mon Fox make it happen. She is the only other Australian women to come even close to drawing out the same level of hate from the general public as The Freak. The Julia hate was/is totaly undeserved I might add, but if she is managed to be disliked so much now, imagine what she could achieve if she was actually trying 😮

    Failing that, Toni Collette could pull it off.

  2. I agree Virgina Gay would be perfect, but honestly can anyone live up to the original bitch? Maggie Kirkpatrick made that role what it is, she is still an icon for that role. Maybe the freak could return as a prisoner??? Maggie could reprise her role?

    Julia Gillard is unemployed at the moment. lol.

  3. Lucy Lawless was brilliant in Battlestar Galactica so great choice, tooksta!

    Only one critical thought about the show – just one indigenous prisoner. Surely we can handle a few more to represent the prison populace – it would sure as heck explode open some potentially controversial yet compelling storyline opportunities.

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