Airdate: Million Dollar Intern

This UK series is a bit like Undercover Boss, as successful business entrepreneurs go undercover in ailing businesses and offering advice.

Picture Shows:BBC Knowledge’s new 10-part series Million Dollar Intern isn’t a Reality show that eliminates apprentice wannabes.

Instead it is closer to Undercover Boss, with successful business entrepreneurs going undercover in other ailing businesses and offering their advice.

An original BBC Worldwide commission, Million Dollar Intern taps into the creativity and dynamism of a new generation of young entrepreneurs, where business whizz kids from around the world go to work at the bottom rung of a range of struggling businesses in an effort to re-energise them.

From bakeries, to a wildlife park with tigers, and even a chain of bra shops – disguised as ordinary interns, the youngsters monitor the companies from the inside. When they finally reveal their true credentials, they’re ready to shake up the businesses with a raft of inspiring ideas.

Episode One

24 year old hugely successful entrepreneur Juliette Brindak hails from Connecticut. In this very first episode, Million Dollar Intern Juliette is tasked with attempting to change the fortunes of a struggling string of old-fashioned bra shops in the North-East of England, which couldn’t be further from Juliette’s hometown.

Juliette, who runs ‘Miss O and Friends’, an online website and social network that receives millions of hits a month, is invited into the bra shop business by its spirited owner, 76 year old Sadie Ayton, whose once booming empire is now languishing.

Sadie’s profits are down, and she worries her business legacy will disappear forever. Posing as a fashion student, Juliette goes in as an undercover intern to find out why the business is struggling.

Will Sadie embrace the changes Juliette suggests and bring her lingerie stores into the 21st century, or will she turn her back on Juliette’s new-fangled ideas?

From Sunday August 25 at 8.30pm on BBC Knowledge.

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