Airdate: Recipe to Riches. Bumped: Under the Dome

2013-08-13_2145TEN will premiere its new reality show Recipe to Riches in two week’s time at 8:30pm Tuesday August 27.

But in doing so it will bump Under the Dome to 9:30pm which is an unfortunate move.

Under the Dome has been TEN’s best rating show lately so let’s hope this doesn’t do to Recipe to Riches what The Renovators premiere did to MasterChef. That was recently labelled one of the worst programming moves of the last decade.

Recipe To Riches will move to a 7:30 timeslot on September 3rd.

Recipe To Riches is an innovative, competitive series that takes much-loved home recipes from everyday Australians and turns them into top-selling products on the shelves of Woolworths supermarkets.

Each episode, three budding food entrepreneurs will be guided, mentored and judged by our experts: Carman’s Fine Foods owner Carolyn Creswell, advertising guru David ‘Nobby’ Nobay and renowned chef Darren Robertson. Joining them to choose the winner will be GM of Customer Loyalty for Woolworths Supermarkets, Lizzy Ryley.

Watch the show and buy the products the very next day.


  1. That excuse ten gave is bull, the product doesn’t need start on a normal catalogue day as woollies and coles add extra promotions with more specials in things like newapapers and tvc’s days after the catalogue started.

  2. This is why Ten has big problems! Ten needs to realise when a show is doing well in a slot not to move it! Honestly why a tue anyway, tue is sorted the way it is.

  3. I gave up on UtD after about week 3 when the writers were quoted as saying they were going for season 2. That means the writers have no intention of addressing the point of the show (why is there a dome?) and instead want to poodlefake around with tepid personal conflicts. Boring!

  4. I stopped watching the dome as soon as it got extended. They’ll be under that dome for years stretching it out till everyone loses interest. The should have had once successful series and called it quits. I’ve been burned too many times by Lost, Heroes etc where they couldn’t keep the story going.

  5. I wonder if they also see the falling ratings for GABO and think they can destroy it with this??

    Or perhaps they don’t have any faith in UTD continuing to captivate the viewers.

    No spoiler but I’m guessing that the next episode of UTD takes it from mystery series to full blown sci-if and perhaps TEN are anticipating some casual viewers giving up on it after that?

  6. Secret Squirrel

    Ten obviously wanted to kick-start this off the back of MC and have a bucket of money riding on it. Pissing off UtD viewers is simply the lesser of two evils. The ideal solution would have been to have MC finish one week after UtD finished but that would have required a level of forethought and planning that has yet to be demonstrated at Ten.

  7. No point blaming Woolies Ten agreed to starting R2R on the 27th, wanting a lead in from the Final week of Masterchef, instead of on the 3rd of September.

    There will be an increase in timeshifting of Under the Dome on the 27th. The interesting thing will be does it cost them after the show returns to 8:30pm for the final episodes of the season.

  8. I was a tragic for Breaking into Tesco when it aired here on foxtel a few years ago..

    I’m pretty excited about R2R, I just hope they don’t make it all about cooking and actually show how they come up with product design and promotion.

    I think the fact that you can actually go out and buy the stuff you see on tv is a nice interactive touch. I know a lot of people say it’s just free advertising for Wollies, which yeah, it probably is.. but I still think it’s a fun element.

  9. jezza the first original one

    So the decision to programme this abject failure, repeat The Renovators disaster and annoy the hell out of Dome viewers, was……pre-planned…..locked in…..and co-ordinated around the weekly routines of a food store?

    Bring back David Mott….all is forgiven

  10. Woolies and Coles specials start Wednesday, so this has to be on Tues. Id have just aired it at 7.30 from the start, air the missing Masterchef episode on Thurs.

  11. Wow bad bad bad decision Ten. The one show that rates well for them so they decide to shaft it and piss off viewers. The decision making at Ten is just baffling.

  12. jezza the first original one

    Ch10 is the 4th placed channel as a result of previous poor decisions. They will deservedly stay 4th as a result of yet another abysmal programming decision.

    Advice to ch10…read this blog and the views expressed, and then revisit/reverse your decision, cos in 2 weeks time we will all be queuing up to say ‘ I told you so’…….not hard is it?

    • TEN advises R2R must launch on this date because products are on Woolies shelves the next day. I guess we can safely say it won’t be a show that is subject to changing the day of the week at all.

  13. Also another failing is they are programming it against the final of Bake Off, which has not set the world on fire but is the same genre and target market that no doubt will be invested in who wins Bake Off.

    David, can you book a class room and schedule Ten to attend Programming 101 please. Very basic stuff up.

  14. A stupid move by 10. If people miss an episode of Dome because you’re chopping and changing, they will either give up, or watch the rest of the season online.

    Cant believe they didn’t learn from the Renovators disaster. If they want to promote a new show, show it straight after Dome and promote it heavily during – it worked last week with Offspring and This Week Live.

  15. OMG, what are they thinking?! Channel 10 finally gets a show that has some traction with loyal viewers each week, bloody good numbers and what do they do? push it back an hour to launch a new show in a completely different genre!!!
    They should have their transmitter confiscated

  16. It seems a miracle to me that UTD has defied the odds and is holding an audience. Ten seem to be taking the fragile audience for granted. We’ve seen it so many times from sci fis, even a small programming bump and the audience deserts it.

  17. Clearly the inmates at Ten are still running the asylum. Ten took a gamble fast tracking a brand new show and finally has a ratings success on its hands, so moving this to a later time slot is complete madness! I’m absolutely gobsmacked at Ten’s stupidity. Like we need another cooking show on TV!

  18. I agree, Pete. This is a bad move. Why change the timeslot of your top-rating show? It doesn’t make much sense to me. The only point of view I can see it makes some sense from is that perhaps it can absorb some of Under The Dome’s viewers; This is I think what TEN see in this move. But, again, agreeing with you, Pete – can it really absorb and start in a strong place with viewers who come for Under The Dome and Under The Dome only? They are two different genres. This won’t do well in my opinion.

    I think TEN would have been better off buying the rights to The Taste; otherwise known as The Voice with cooking.

  19. Would not have thought that this show & Under the Dome had much in common. I assume Ten thinks that MasterChef is a good enough lead in for this show.
    More strange programming from Ten.
    All I can think is that they are going to strip Aussie shows at 8.30 weeknights.
    PS I have noticed that Ten seems to finishing shows on time across the night. A refreshing move the Seven & Nine could look at.

  20. Bad move by Ten. Never change your top rating shows to a different timeslot as viewers like continuity even if only for a week.

    The only exception is if they are premiering something of the same genre, and this is defintely not the case here.

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