Airdate: Seven News at 4

Group_3_GRSeven News at 4 kicks off today with Melissa Doyle and Matthew White hosting a national 90 minute bulletin, joined by meteorologist David Brown, sports journalist Jim Wilson and finance commentator Scott Pape.

“Covering some of the biggest news events around the world has reignited my passion for breaking news,” Mel said.

“I’ve been a journalist for 23 years and I can’t wait to return to the news desk alongside Matt.”

Matt White added: “Mel is not only a proven performer when it comes to live television, but she also has a terrific news sense. Seven News at 4 is the perfect platform for both of us to begin new challenges.

“I’ve been part of Seven News and public affairs for nine years now and this is the perfect time to deliver what the audience expects – more news, more analysis and more of what is important to them.

Seven News at 4 starts today at 4pm with The Daily Edition now from 3pm to 4pm on Seven.


  1. Nine today extended their afternoon news back to 16:00 in response to Seven’s move meaning Nine News starts straight after Nine News Now, the much vaunted “women’s news bulletin”. So what happens at 16:00? Does the women’s news bulletin turn into a men’s news bulletin?

  2. GWN WA don’t get deal or no deal they will have Melissa and Matt 4PM news 5PM Angela Tsun then 530PM as normal GWN news then 6PM more news. I fell sorry for GWN

  3. @Thaddeus…[email protected] and @jayjay95…[email protected]…@Jock

    90 minutes and repeats from how far back? could that mean it may be a programmers EPG stocking fillers dream, instead of the good old ” TBA ” standby.
    Sure ABC News 24 is a news channel, and I also was a fan, but after the first few weeks (till they accumulated enough news items) I started buying up shares in all the gastric reflux companies, given the number of repeated news items (as news) which are then broken down into the respective ” Quarters Segments” mingled with many many items scavenged from a myriad ABC items, endless repeats of the same Big Ideas/One plus One.
    All standing near a couch, are they waiting for the musical couch song to begin?
    ” Sunset” or ” Sunset Clause” perhaps?

  4. Seriously? 90 minutes? An hour is fine. Not 90 minutes.

    And I though Nine was going overboard when Nine News Now began in January.

    ABC News 24 is a news channel, and a very good one at that.

  5. So now from 6am to 7pm on the main channel there is 9&1/2 hours of news/news lite shows over the 13 hours. That is nuts.

    And they’re not even good news shows, it’s just the same old crap rehashed.

    At least with ABC24 you know it’s a news channel, you get different angles on things, you get investigative journalism, not just regurgitated entertainment and gossip crap.

    If I want news at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, I won’t be switching on 7, I’ll be watching Afternoon Live on ABC24.

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