Airdate: WAC: World Animal Championships

Big Brother's Mike Goldman has voiced all 52 animals in ABC3's new animated animal contest.

2013-08-27_1121ABC3 has a new kid’s series hosted by Amberley Lobo (Studio 3) and Scotty Tweedie (Prank Patrol, The Loop), in which animated animals compete head-to-head for wildlife supremacy.

But the little-known fact is that Big Brother‘s Mike Goldman has voiced all 52 animals.

Is there anything this guy can’t do…..?

Sharpen your claws and get ready to pounce, WAC (World Animal Championships) is here!

Located centre stage in the WAC Arena, a menagerie of creatures does battle in an eccentric pack of categories. Which nocturnal critter will win the accolade as WAC’s Creature of the Night…The glow-worm or the wobbegong? And which beast will reign supreme as the one with WAC’s Superest Sense… the pigeon or the pit viper?

Only one man knows the answers and that’s Amberley and Scotty’s right-hand wildlife expert, Sir Reginald Wrinklebottom, their crusty commentator.

Feathers and fur are sure to fly as our beastly hopefuls get whittled down to just three finalists and then one ultimate winner!

WAC is crash bang wallop TV with each episode offering a wild mix of archive footage, crazy studio experiments, hilarious animations and infectious fun from our hyperactive hosts. And get this, each and every show is crammed full of the most amazing animal facts and figures you have ever heard.

Our hosts explore the unique traits of our animal competitors by undergoing a series of demonstrations and experiments all in the aid of science. Set in the middle of our pseudo WAC boxing ring, Scotty regularly falls foul of Ambo’s over-enthusiastic ‘tests’. Take WAC’s Strongest Animal in which he has to struggle with the typical load of the mighty ant – which happen to be fifty times his own body weight (Ouch!), followed by diving into a bath of sub zero icy water wearing just his polar-bear-like fluffy jacket!

ALL creatures great and small… let battle commence!

Episode one: Scariest:

It’s time for the battle of the beasts as Team WAC venture to the dark recesses of the animal kingdom to find the scariest animals on our planet. From the super venomous funnel web spider to the super snarly wolf and Scotty’s worst nightmare… the super scary Guinea Pig!

The WAC Arena is set as Ambo guides her own guinea-pig recruit through a myriad of tests and experiments which find Scotty taking on a crocodile in a water-melon-eating-contest, tackling Ambo’s self-made Scare-o-Meter machine and trying to sniff out a droplet of blood in an ocean of water. So what makes these animals look scary, act scary and make people flee in fear? And which animal will be declared WAC’s Scariest Animal?

Plus, if that wasn’t enough, today’s Randimal Animal, the buffalo, unearths a remarkable fact about Meerkat ears that you simply won’t believe.

Sunday, September 1 at 3.25pm ABC3

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