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TEN has now confirmed new drama series Wonderland as the timeslot successor to Offspring.

WonderlandNo surprises here that TEN has now confirmed new drama series Wonderland as the timeslot successor to Offspring, launching at 8:30pm Wednesday, August 21st.

Set in an apartment building on the doorstep of one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches, Wonderland is a warm, light-hearted and engaging relationship drama revolving around four couples at very different stages of life.

Join a stellar ensemble cast including Michael Dorman, Brooke Satchwell, Ben Mingay, Jessica Tovey and Tracy Mann as they navigate the humorous and sometimes painful minefield of love, life and friendship in Wonderland.

There is no better place to be this year than catching up with new friends in Wonderland.

This is produced by Jo Porter, formerly of Packed to the Rafters for FremantleMedia.

With a whopping 22 episodes it will need to launch strongly. With the exception of Reef Doctors, TEN’s Drama slate continues to be its most buoyant with Puberty Blues and The Track still to come this year, meaning another drama night will probably be annointed by the network sooner rather than later.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more AussieGirl. Saw the poster for this,groaned and then walked past a newsagent displaying a Time magazine poster announcing “We are Australia.The True Face of the Lucky Country”.
    I bought the magazine and would buy the TV series.Surely we are ready for it.

  2. I’m really disappointed and p***** off that Jo Porter & Fremantle Media have chosen to have a Caucasian cast, save for the quarter-Asian actress, Emma Lung (the “token multicultural character”).

    Wonderland had the opportunity to have a multicultural cast that reflects the cultural mix which populates Sydney. Having lived in Coogee (which is 5 minutes down the road from UNSW) for 5 years, where Wonderland is set, at least 25% of the demographic of cultures that I experienced there were Asian. With four sets of couples, Jo Porter had the opportunity to cast 8 people whose ethnicity reflects the “real” Australia.

    When the F*** are Australian producers/production companies going to start embracing the fact that Australia has a plethora of people of different ethnicities and it’s…

  3. Sounds like Number 96 crossed with The Secret Life of Us, with a bit of Friends thrown in for good measure. Hope Ten can pull this off as I really don’t think the world needs another Gen X relationship drama.

  4. I think we have seen this drama many times before but hopefully it will surprise. Where does this leave Puberty Blues? Maybe Ten could strip Aussie drama/shows across weeknights at 8.30.
    Ten needs to do something soon.

  5. i think this is the kind of stuff ten should be making, looks like a more commercial version of a john edwards drama. surely Puberty Blues won’t be returning to an 8:30 slot after last years ratings? probably Wed 9:30 after Wonderland.

  6. I like the ads for this show. Will give it a go. Though I agree with Daniel. I think Ten will split it in half.

    For me I find 22 episodes a season too much. As you end up getting a few filler eps which doesn’t always work.

  7. 22 episodes seems like a lot. If it rates well I’d assume the plan would be to play half this year, and half in the next year as was done on Packed To The Rafters. If is doesn’t rate then they have the option to burn it off in the summer.

    I like the premise of this and think the opening few episodes will be strong, but I worry it may become too formulaic as we’ve seen with Winners and Losers.

    My bet would be that Puberty Blues could slot in nicely on Tuesday nights once Under The Dome wraps up.

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