Bondi Vet collapses in run to Bondi

2013-08-16_1201Poor Doctor Chris Brown, who is recovering after collapsing yesterday during the annual City2Surf Run in Sydney.

Brown collapsed with just a kilometre to the finish line, still recovering from a respiratory virus before paramedics loaded him into an ambulance. The Bondi Vet presenter was running to raise money for the Westpac rescue helicopters.

Later he tweeted, “Thanks for your kind messages. In hindsight running with a virus wasn’t a great idea but at least I got my dramatic finish to the City2Surf!”

He was one of 8 people who collapsed during the 14km race, won by Ben Moreau, 31, from Woolloomooloo.

Brown’s collapse came on the same weekend that US rapper Chris Brown suffered a seizure said to be brought on by intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress.

Know who I’d prefer to see make a speedy recovery….


  1. There is a sharp distiction between a collapse and a seizure! Imagine the not so beloved Chris dies after this comment, how would it make you feel?

  2. Agree but still abit unfair ..seeing as thou this isn’t really the place you would find alot of Chris brown supporters.At the end of the day his music n talent speaks for itself.If you wanna judge him on the person he is,become involved in his social network ,then complain.Until then,sit bak,shut up n watch him out dance every other pop star :))

  3. David’s last line has nothing to do with the similarity of their names.
    @kristi: your last comment contradicts itself. Some people can write, e. g. journalists, and some people not. Would be lovely to hear what David has to say to all those posts here.

  4. I didn’t read it as David wishing him harm, just saying that he’d prefer Dr Chris had a speedy recovery. I took it to mean that Chris Brown the singer can take his time getting better, not that David wished he wouldn’t get better at all.

  5. Sorry David, but this is not up to your usual standard. Tacky and tasteless way to end this piece.

    How is wishing harm/ill-health upon the singer Chris Brown appropriate? He’s done awful things, but wishing harm/ill health upon him isn’t much better.

    Love the site, but this was poorly judged.

  6. @frankly – I completely understand why David would be more interested in sending Dr Chris (all around nice guy) best wishes than Chris Brown the singer (who savagely beat his girlfriend)! I wish everyone would stop buying that idiot’s music and he’d stop being feted at award shows, abhorrent behaviour.

  7. Interesting the way Alecia loxley reported this last night. saying he collapsed during a funrun with curious tone on the word ‘funrun’ sounded very mocking. Got a laugh from some people in my household.

  8. carolemorrissey

    I read that on Twitter yesterday and was surprised as I thought he would be pretty fit, but having a virus explains it. Hope he makes a quick recovery.

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