Clive Palmer writes sketch for Wednesday Night Fever

2013-08-13_1623Clive Palmer will appear in a sketch on Wednesday Night Fever that he has penned himself.

It turns out the aspiring politician and billionaire is a fan of the show and Heath Franklin’s impersonations of him.

He even contacted the show to let them know he’d be only too happy to star in person -in a sketch he penned himself.

Wednesday August 14 at 9.45pm on ABC1.


  1. Wouldn’t this be considered political advertising? The show has been average at best. Looking forward to Gruen and Hampster Wheel replacing it this week.

  2. Little known fact Margaret Thatcher wrote a sketch for Yes, Prime Minister, it was one of her favourite shows. Mind you Palmer isn’t Thatcher and Wednesday Night Fever isn’t Yes, Prime Minister.

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