Grant Denyer to host Million Dollar Minute

2013-08-26_0030For some time now I’ve been saying that Seven will be bringing change to its 5-6pm hour and last night the network ran a promo for Million Dollar Minute, a new quiz show hosted by Grant Denyer.

A briefly-worded Press Release indicates the show is “internally developed” by Seven and will see contestants “face off in a battle of general knowledge with the chance to win one million dollars.”

A CBS format of the same name sees contestants start out with $1m and have 60 seconds to answer 10 general knowledge questions but if they get one answer wrong they walk away with nothing. The clock stops when the contestant acknowledges they have an answer, and for tough questions they can “buy” an answer or multiple choice options, which sees the cash pool drop accordingly. As far as I can tell hasn’t aired anywhere as a series just yet.

Updated: Seven has confirmed the two shows are unrelated, despite them both offering $1M in 1 minute.

Seven is yet to confirm a premiere date and timeslot. Who knows if they will hit gold with this one, and what the new show means for Deal‘s outlook?


  1. it sounds interesting, but complicated and we all know what happens to complicated game shows… I think Slide Show would be a better option for 5:30 week nights, its entertaining and funny.

    better yet they could do something totally different. each week night have a different game show.
    deal or no deal, slide show, the price is right, wheel of fortune, family fued ( for an example) all one hour long. 5 pm to 6 pm.

  2. Seems like a good format-hope it lasts longer than 7 months unlike 7’s 2012 version of The Price is Right.

    I adore Grant Denyer.

    On the other hand Nine could reair classic Sale episodes with permission from FremantleMedia, similar to the US Sale having later 1988-89 episodes reared on cable’s GSN over in the USA.

  3. Seven copy cats again. Grant Denyer…no way no how… he has a way of it all being about him.
    He may be nice in person but he comes across as the most insincere person in front of the cameras.
    Another show to avoid. I don’t watch the original Eddie version so why watch the knock off.

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