Hamish & Andy dip but Nine wins Monday

2013-08-06_1006Singing trumps comedy in the ratings war it seems, after The X Factor again took #1 spot with 1.48m viewers, while Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year Asia dropped to 1.19m viewers, despite having the earlier lead in.

But while Seven was first in primary channels, the Ashes on GEM again delivered a 9% boost to Nine’s overall tally, enough to win the night.

Nine network was 33.5% then Seven 28.8%, 17.6%, TEN 15.8% and SBS 4.4%.

Seven News (1.35m) was first in its timeslot for Seven as was Today Tonight (1.12m). Home and Away was 1.05m then Mr. Selfridge (983,000), Deal or No Deal (576,000) and Hotel Secrets (392,000).

Nine News (1.33m) was best for Nine then Gap Year Asia (1.19m), A Current Affair (1.11m), Big Brother (932,000), Hot Seat (694,000), The Big Bang Theory (623,000 / 460,000) and Footy Classified (220,000 in 3 states).

ABC News (1.00m) led ABC1 then Australian Story (814,000), 7:30 (737,000), Q & A (563,000), Four Corners (545,000), Media Watch (536,000) and Restoration Man (354,000).

MasterChef cooked up 827,000 viewers for TEN, a good rise on the previous Monday (684,000). Elsewhere it was TEN News (736,000), The Project (589,000), Wanted (469,000), The Simpsons (384,000) and The Americans (188,000).

The creatively-titled Pain Pus and Poison (284,000) was best on SBS ONE followed by Housos (201,000), Mythbusters (193,000) and World News Australia (190,000).

TheĀ Ashes dominated multichannels with 532,000 / 353,000.

Late changes to 7TWO and GEM were not all reflected in OzTAM:
(Bargain Hunt): 98,000
Nine News at 7:00: 40,000

Today: 375,000
Sunrise: 338,000
ABC News Breakfast: 64,000 / 34,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 5 August 2013


  1. I think Ten would be happy with mc figures. That 827,000 will prob jump over 900,000 when t/s figures are released and that has been the case most days getting over 50k in t/s figures. It’s definitely not as good as last yr but it’s the only thing holding a decent audience for Ten.

  2. At the beginning of June Masterchef is down only 298k (Monday 3/6/12 1037k to Monday 4/6/13 739k)

    Later in June it was down 487k
    (Monday 25/6/12 1150k to Monday 26/6/13 663k)

    In July it was down ~700k when the House Rule and The Block finals were on.

    Masterchef’s ratings had started to decline, especially for the early episodes, but since it was run up against the @l^mp!cs, the other networks have successfully competed against it.

    That means 500k+ less lead-in to their 8:30pm show and means The Americans, a quality adult drama, failed to launch and has rated as low as 158k, and Ten ran 4th on Monday, 2.4% behind ABC1.

  3. Watched Mr Selfridge and will stick with but what was with all the extended ads for X Factor? Surely different demographics! If that keeps up, it’ll be another show for the DVR.

  4. Wanted isn’t exactly setting the world on fire ratings wise but it is certainly firing up the Crimestopper phone lines. A call every 46 seconds during last nights 20 Most Wanted show.

    The show was much slicker last night.

  5. @ Nettorqy

    I am surprised that Ten have stuck with The Americans with those numbers. Congrats to them for doing so – only two more weeks to go and yes, I agree it is great but I am in the minority.

    I aslo think Dexter is must watch but it never shows up in the Pay TV Top 20 ratings, so what do I know.

  6. Mr Selfridge didn’t seem to appeal that much to The X Factor audience though, losing nearly 500k viewers.
    Nine going young and old with BB and the Ashes were the ones doing well after 8:40pm.

    So here we are Mid-Winter and there are no dramas rating 1m.

  7. That’s why I said equivalent, meaning Week 10 of season 4, not Monday August 6 2012.
    Besides, the August 6th figure was for the All Stars version.

  8. On the Monday 22/7/13 Masterchef rated 725k less than the 1,549k it rated on Monday 23/7/12 before the @l^mp!cs started.

    The @l^mp!cs ended Masterchef, and Ten’s other top shows, being must watch TV. And Ten still hasn’t recovered.

  9. Was surprised by how good Mr Selfridge was last night. Didn’t think it was going to be my cup of tea but looks like it’s going to be really good.

  10. Great figures for Today over Sunrise. Nine News across the board seems to have got it’s mojo again. Even in the 3pm spot where Nine has the no frills Nine News Now against (I am guessing with 4 hosts) the much costlier Daily Edition they are winning.
    Enjoying Heston on MasterChef. On his own show he comes across a a bit of a tool but last night he showed he was human & engaging. Reflecting in the ratings too. Maybe get him here for the whole series like Gordon Ramsay on the US version.

  11. Interesting to see the multichannel news bulletins ratings from last night. Watched the 7Two one, was a copy of the 6pm bulletin with a few interstate stories. A nice change, I don’t mind it.

  12. Ten still in 4th place. MCA may have had a good rise on last week but it’s still down more than half a million on last year’s equivalent episode.

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